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  1. 1. this game was originally on the ps3
    2. you complain about the slow pacing and I have to ask have you've seen a Godzilla film cause a giant mutated lizard should be as fast as an Olympic Runner of course not, cause well it's Godzilla he's suppose to be slow he's basically a walking tank

  2. This Godzilla game is great is you enjoy destroying generators and are interested in the generators losing power. The monster fighting in the game is closer to the Godzilla Generations game. This isn't for me since I preferred Godzilla Save the Earth. I wouldn't mind playing a PS4 version of Save the Earth with more monsters and locations to fight in. I'll give this game a 2 out of 10. I agree with IGN's review of this game.

  3. 3 things 1) u can't get mad at godzilla being slow he's always been slow 2) every game is repetitive in their own way so this game us no different 3) this game was more ment for the true die hard godzilla fans not just the ones that seen 2014 godzilla

  4. This game is fun to play in bursts lol. If you're a hardcore g fan it's the closest you'll get to being Godzilla and other monsters but yes this is an extremely slow and tedious game.

  5. there was king kong game back then. people really liked the graphics and controls. and today a godzilla game that people hate the graphics and controls.

  6. Godzilla is approaching the generator……the generator is loosing power……Godzilla is approaching the generator……the generator is loosing power……Godzilla is approaching the generator……the generator is loosing power……


  8. You cannot rate this game poorly if you are not a real Godzilla fan. You cannot be angry at the slow pace Godzilla walks, because any fan of Godzilla knows he is a tank. Slow but powerful. The game is not repetitive because there are over 20 monsters you can play as. Try to unlock more monsters and complete the story with them. If you have unlocked every monster, I can see how you might say this game is boring, but I still disagree. In my opinion (coming from a Godzilla fan born in the 21st century) this game is great quality. Compared to the Playstation 2 and Wii editions years ago, this is ten times better. Believe what you want and have your own opinions on the game. I personally think it is not okay to rate this game bad if you are not a Godzilla fan. But what ever you rate it won't affect me, so I really don't care….

  9. Angry joe gave a 2 out of 10. This is what u can expect. A 4.5 out of 10 is almost average and thank god this game is not average. Shame on u IGN

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