Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Impressions!

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has landed. Metal and all. It’s about time! Video Gear I use: Intro Track: Deadmau5 – Slow Down …


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  1. PLEASE HELP: Is the phone as big as the iphone 6 plus? Also is the camera better than the iphone 6 plus? Also is there voice activation, like a siri thing?

  2. Can anyone explain me why iphone videos have higher resolution than androis when uploading a video to facebook i have a note 4 and 4k videos on fb are blurry

  3. Thinking of getting this phone, currently an iPhone user but Apple manage to piss me off daily. Someone I known who works for a phone company says a lot of people regret getting the phone because of its size. Anyone who has it, has the phone annoyed you due to its size?

  4. Am I the only one who feels that the Note 4s speaker sucks big time? I just got it today, was using the Note 2 and it seems like my Note 2 is louder.

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