Coinbase to add ADA, BAT, XLM, ZEC and ZRX?! – Today’s Crypto News

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Jeff’s Livestream: Coinbase To Add New Coins? Cardano, Stellar, BAT, ZCash 0x

Coinbase Announcement via Twitter

Coinbase is Exploring Cardano, Basic Attention Token, Stellar Lumens, Zcash, and 0x

Coinbase Considers Adding Five Crypto Coins to Trading Platform

Cryptocurrency Prices Soar on News Coinbase Is ‘Exploring’ Adding Five New Assets

Coinbase Considers Adding Five Crypto Coins to Trading Platform

Coinbase considers adding five new coins to its platform

Watch Out Bears, Crypto’s Only Getting Started: Coinbase CTO

Coinbase CTO on Twitter

Why haven’t we all bought cryptocurrency yet?

Why haven’t we all bought cryptocurrency yet?

Two-thirds of adults worldwide will own smartphones next year

XRP & Coinbase cartoon

Binance Birthday Tweet

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  1. I think ADA will be largest, most respected coin in the future. Solid CEO and team with no hidden agenda. I like XRP but i think Ripples extremely large holding of xrp severely hurts the coins future credibility. Ripple has been absolutely moronic lately form 4 million dollars of xrp for Gorillas, snoop dog, etc. WHY the hell would coinbase list XRP to give Ripple more free money to waste!

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  3. As smart as you think you are you are leaving out the most incredible coin of all, and that is (DGB) (WHICH CAN NEVER BE LISTED AS A SECURITY) and this coin can do everything better than the coins you are talking about literally many times over. DGB has the longest and proven secure blockchain of all the cryptos combined, DGB has 5 algorithms that make it the fastest proven coin over all, has partnerships with Point of sale companies worldwide, is set up and ready for worldwide adoption. This week alone UTRUST integration, XRP-DGB pairing, listed on Abra, listed on Coinome and added to many new wallets. By the way when you send DGB anywhere on earth its done in a second NO JOKE and the cost is 1 hundredth of a penny no matter how much you send, (THIS IS WHAT BITCOIN SHOULD HAVE BEEN) and it is totally private and 100% DECENTRALIZED. totally ascic resistant over any other coin and has over 230,000 nodes and growing, also DGB has an incredible following on most all of the social media platforms, they have mining software that is easy to use and it works fantastic. They are also talking soon about maybe STAKING for everyone. But they will not go that way if it effects the security of the blockchain in any way. This Coin and blockchain is tried and proven for 5 years. Please listen to Jared Tate and what a generous founder he is, many of the coins that have had major problems in the past were repaired and kept alive because of the DGB protocal. DGB will be the bulldozer of the crypto world!!!!!! TJ

  4. Cardano is my #1 holding. I already hold Lumens, ZCash and ADA so I am excited for these. ZCash was added to Gemini so I think that it has the greatest chance

  5. I think Coinbase need to add more coins to their exchange for the simple fact they have a custody account for institutions and will be able to offer their clients a diverse assets

  6. Oh and for what its worth , I purchased a Hyundai Kasse hardware wallet which hold Hdac , great wallet like an upgraded ledger but i wanted Hdac and the hardware wallet allowed me a punt on it .

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