Man drums with lightsabers in Virtual Reality

Beatsaber is a VR drumming rhythm game. You can finally see your boy Drumsy in action. Support me on Patreon – Send me …


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  1. Waow Gotdrums, You really GotDrums huh. haha? Get it? Cause ur name is gotdrums? No? Ok? should I uhm? idk like? uhm? leave? Yeah? I think so to? hehe? no?… Bye.

  2. Dude if you record a other video this just do it in mixed reality you already have a greenscreen and the software is free and it looks awesome :p also there are already a lot of custom songs for the game

  3. Did you know: The notification icon have 2 option. The first one is for all notifications, the other one is for occasional notification. Just sayin'.

  4. I saw paymoneywubby's caller video and someone ask him why his name was gotdrums and he doesn't do anything with drums.
    Edit: Im not the only one who say that right?

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