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Is the cryptocurrency market bouncing back? Crypto market news and altcoins to watch today!
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  1. I need to pick up some pundiX also! Hope the markets continue this trend for a while. Green is a lot nicer than red ?


  2. (hopefully) thanks of you, I bought almost 2 million tokens of Pundi. 7.3% over the next 6 months is hard to beat. Fingers crossed!

  3. Not going to lie, but I think you’re being greedy,should have cashed out on your 100k profits and bought back in, clear indications silent notary is about to tank heavy close to where it was.

    LTC: – LhY6Dp2hD7m2sPcAcdF45it6X3i2zPgfo1

  4. I really hope PundiX becomes huge towards the end of this year and the end of next year.

    Litecoin: MMWAhA6BNd3oW8RGjfSzRmJ4wLfbSVMXwR

  5. Thanks for all the information! Always enjoy your program and look forward to each episode! MVWbJPqtxn7Y6gkX6kimj95HBvS8UM6QKR

  6. I hope you're right about PundiX. I really wish I could see the market cap! I took a chance on it anyway though. 🙂


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