Crypto Markets Rebound As Bitcoin Bottoms At $7,000 (Bitcoin TA)

In this video I’ll talk about the crypto markets bottoming out, how a Bitcoin rally will soon start, and some news relating to the security of the EOS Platform.
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  1. I heard several opinions saying that BTC will go down to 6,5-6k. I'm not sure though – there can be news, new investors or something else influencing the market.
    I'm absolutely your opinion – we are here for long-term investments and that's what I do. I hold, my portfolio is diversified but mostly it contains privacy coins (Zcash, DeepOnion). I care about the projects and I'm not sure if BTC keeps its dominance for so long.

  2. Lets gooooooo Jebb you are awesome 🙂 I love your positive attitude. Keep away from eos tho this is way too fishy for me to invest right now because where there are some major bugs, they are often not alone. Liebe Grüße !

  3. Has the bull run begun!? Are you stupid!? Do you chart at all. We need to get above 7700 and 8100 first for any chance dumb ass

  4. Oh god BTC goes up a few hundred bucks and everyone goes nuts. We are hanging on by a thread by going in an extreme bear market. Don't invest long term. You make money day trading and swing trading. Don't HODL!

  5. really sorry man – the 3mins I managed to keep up with was def worth listening to, but my brain cant cope, so I cant listen to any more…am really sorry man… thumbs up tho !!! $7K Bottom !!! 🙂 USD $1 = UK £0.74 … if BTC was near worthless in USD, it would already be worthless in most / all other currencies… US is NOT the center of the world, just in case anyone don't know that… !!! 🙂 Cheers for sharing !!! 🙂

  6. jeez – my ears – my brain – the pain – Jebb, you trained or been trained by "Roast Beef" – damn man – goin for the record of words per minute… FAF – yr cool man – no wonder its only 11 min vid !!! 🙂 am only 1 min in so far…Cheers for sharing !!! 🙂

  7. And coinbase just happened to conveniently keep my deposit for the entire time the market was down. Sounds fishy to me.

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