Top 7 Smartest Cars of 2017 – Skynet In Your Garage

The beginning of the 2017 was marked by an annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and to the delight of auto fans, car manufacturers had plenty to show off. Unlike regular car exhibits, this one did not have 1000+ horsepower hyper cars boasting super fast 0-60 acceleration time and lightning top speeds. Instead, the unofficial motto of this auto show was “Smart is a new sexy”.

That is why auto production giants and small startup companies competed in displaying their vision of the future of automobiles. Some of the presented concepts will most likely never hit the market, but some are promised to be delivered to the consumers by the end of this decade.So, please get comfortable and join us on the journey to the future.

Cars featured in this video:

Mercedes-Benz electric Vision Van –

Not only did Mercedes-Benz astonish everyone with Generation EQ Concept during its CES presentation in 2017, but went even further to expand their Electric vehicles lineup with a conceptual all-electric Vision Van. Being only a designers’ “vision” at this stage this van primarily remains a mystery from the point of technical specifications, however, Mercedes has revealed plenty of information from the conceptual perspective for us to dive into.
The Vision will serve as a centerpiece in the fully connected delivery system. This system will be controlled by sophisticated software to automate all of the processes like order picking, loading of shipments, fully-autonomous cargo space management, and route planning.

VW I.D Buzz Concept –
The Buzz I.D. is yet another member of the Volkswagen all-electric I.D. family, which will become the first emission-free MPV in Volkswagen’s history.
This auto is due to be launched in 2020 and as the manufacturer claims, should be affordable for millions of people and not just the very rich. It will be based on the Modular Electric Drive Kit XL (MEB) platform with two motors on the front and rear axles. Each motor will have an output of 150 kW and combined will deliver 275 kW.

Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ –

Toyota: Concept-i –
The car is an eye-catcher: scissor doors, futuristic streamlined body, wheel covers, accent lightning, and interactive interface design. Though no technical characteristics of the car were unveiled during the expo, Toyota Concept-i looks exactly the way we used to imagine a car of the future. However, luxurious interior and awesome design are not the most important features of this automobile: the company promises that Toyota Concept-i will both become a new safer driver-centered means or transportation and provide an ultimate driving experience.

Honda: NeuV –
The Japanese car manufacturer, Honda, had a true high-tech treat for the CES visitors this year in the body of NeuV. This two-seater conceptual smart car is super compact and may become a real day-to-day companion for city commuters, especially with all of the brain power it packs under the hood.

Lucid Motors’ Air prototype –
Just like any other car show these days, CES 2017 had some participants that claim to be the next electric car of the future, the next Tesla killer. However, there was one small startup Lucid Motors, from Mento Park, USA, who steered clear from this kind of rhetoric and just presented their Air prototype as one more luxurious all-electric car that one can drive in style.

Fiat Chrysler The Portal –
Another future-car vision presented at CES 2017 is Fiat Chrysler Portal, a vehicle designed to become an extension of one’s living space. This family-centered automobile is designed as states the manufacturer “for millennials and by millennials” with a concept of “a smart is a new sexy” at heart. It is a spacious mini-van built to comfortably transport up to 6 people. The car has elevator-like sliding doors with built-in functional LED lights along their perimeter. Front, rear and side lighting is also LED. The Portal’s modular interior allows seats to be easily removed or added and can be transformed into a mobile office, a play room, etc.

Faraday Future FF91 –


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