THE SCARIEST FUN! | Richies Plank Experience VR (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)

Richie’s Plank Experience is both the most terrifying but also the most fun VR game I’ve tried! The Last Sniper VR …


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  1. I was at my friends today he was showing me his vr set he put me on this I did the plank and he gave me a slight push not enough to make me fall and I just fell to the floor and grabbed the board which wasn’t there and it was my instinct to do that I didn’t just do it but it did turn out to be pretty funny lol

  2. Jack would make such a good firefighter. "Distinguish them? You mean EXtinguish them. Or do you just mean that i have to like, FIND WHERE THEY ARE?"

  3. I know that feel when you're on plank, when i played this game i falled and i screamed sooooooo loud and fire deck was mi favorite

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