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  1. This game has gotten my attention.
    Iam buying this instead of marvel vs capcom infinite.
    This is goona be my first blazeblue game.

  2. Game is great, the reviewer definitely has a point with the roster being too small for a tag game but for 70$ (at the time of writing this comment) you get all 40 characters, which is somewhat reasonable. Yes, you could argue the re-use of sprites from previous games should make the game cheaper than it is, but I can tell you each & every character plays VERY differently than the versions already available in the original games, plus new voice acting, etc. The online is also solid, which is usually ASW's main wekaness.

  3. Loving the game right now! Got the Switch Version and i can say its awesome. Literally all my favorite characters are in this. Rwby, Persona 4, In Birth, and BlazBlue slapped together make a wonder fighting game. Its by no means perfect but its definitely a 9/10 in my books.

  4. Just gonna say that whoever is getting this on PC, the port is bugged right now because only one guy is working on Steam release

    He's doing as much as he can right now

  5. They destroyed the great games that came together to make this. The combat system is a complete joke. These were great complex fighters reduced to 1 button mash "combos" and 1 button cross supers. Anyone who loved the series alone is likely to HATE the new terrible moves lists. This is like if they took deadpool and made it a movie for toddlers but forgot to tell us and we found out in theaters. I just finished my first matches and I was piiiiiissed. This is the first arc game that I dislike.

  6. Personally I think an 8.3 is to generous. It's barely passable as a good fighter. A huge aspect of the game feels forced just to promote something

  7. ? THIS IS THE MOMENT WEVE BEEN WAITING FOR! ? hahaha Lawrence from FunHaus will probabaly play the crap outta this…

    Btw RWBY characters need more balancing, their hella broken imo.

  8. I already played the first three main BlazBlue, Persona 4 Arena and Ultimax, and seen the first five volumes of RWBY, I still going to wait until I finish Central Fiction and Under Night In-Birth to play this game.

  9. This game looks mechanically sound and it having a release on switch is awesome but I just can't stomach this flamboyant character design and aesthetic

  10. People who don’t play fighting games shouldn’t review fighting games… this is just like a button basher, very little skill required. Waste of time.

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