iPhone X vs RED cinema camera – 4K video comparison

How does the video quality from the iPhone X stack up against a cinema camera from RED? Camera phones have seriously improved over the last few years, …


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  1. Hey brother pls give me a this phone. You have a lot of iPhone. PLS give me one. My phone number +918398023487??????????

  2. If the iphone x is not oversaturated and highlights not over exposed it will win in this category becuz of its tons of details and higher dynamic range

  3. This is about his crappy video editing skills not the capabilities of the cameras. If this comparison were done by a professional editor it might carry some weight.

  4. The Red is a much higher quality image, but looking at it here via Youtube, someone just did a LOUSY job of grading the Red image. There is no honor in going for a boring image.

  5. you could have shot flat with filmic pro and color grade in post just like with the red footage.Iphone would have done better than this.

  6. You compare the newest iPhone – the iPhone X to a quite an old RED camera. The RED Scarlet-X has been discontinued already… It's over 3 years old.

  7. This video is just backwards y did u download a app on the phone? I hope u see this y didn’t u just use the video from the phone? BACKWARDS

  8. The iPhone X really isn't that great when it comes to video, it's quite disappointing.
    Dynamic range is average, there is an awful lot of grain in daylight, colors are oversaturated, stabilization is bad…

    I think that several smartphones would be better than the iPhone X, when filming in 4K. Maybe the Pixel 2, Galaxy Note8, V30…

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