Coinrail Crypto Hack – Market Plummets – Crypto News Raw NO INSERTS

Just wanted to get this video out today! No edits or inserts just for you folks that just need the news. Crypto News Raw. Tell me what you think about the drop? When will it stop?

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  1. This btc sell-off happened literally seconds after the successful launch of eos, coincidence? I believe these orchestrated btc crashes are timed perfectly to disrupt up-and-coming projects, like eos, that threaten the future success and dominance of bitcoin. I watched the eos launch live and had another screen open watching bitcoin plummet during the launch. The btc whales are protecting their gold! My question is, after the big sell offs are the whales buying back in!? Or just depleting their stockpile of btc. Surely these massive sell-off's will eventually slow down when they no longer hold massive reserves?

  2. The exchanges can save bitcoin easily.
    All they have to do is pair fiat with all coins.
    I can't buy and save bitcoin because I have to use it to buy my alt coins.
    I would love to buy and keep bitcoin

  3. bitcoin will drop below 4500 for 60 days that will trigger all genesis mining contracts to be cancelled. after that on the way up and genesis owns all the mining income.

  4. I read that it was down because of the SEC investigating some of the exchanges for manipulation and also they said that all ico's now are considered securities do you know where things crashing and that's scary I'm holding and I'm actually watching xrp to go down to $0.50 and then I'll buy more

  5. im excited. i feel as though btc is loosing its grip on all tge alts and losing its place as #1 and then when theyre all stupid low xrp eth and eos will take lead

  6. Look at your 2 latest uploads.. or 3 latest… ithen.. f you are as many of us… a genuine seeker for knowledge about crypto… which of those videos would you appreciate most? I know some things are about taste, but its also about how presenting things. In my opinion, this video is waaay more easy to follow. A better pace. Even one thing i think your viewer would appreciate is to mark the section you are reading to get a more focused attention and dont scroll like a maniac up and down randomly/rapidly. Thank for the most stable experience so far from you. And hope you take my input the right way 🙂 best regards, Thomas.

  7. If people get rid of their coins does that mean the circulation amounts go down? If circulation goes down does that mean the price goes up?

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