Why this Bitcoin Crash is GOOD for crypto HODLers! ZCash Binance NEO Goldman Sachs

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  1. More inspirational content from FUD TV, I love it. Thanks Ellio for bringing your bullish outlook to the crypto community on a daily basis. Hodl strong, buy the dip, keep educating yourself about this market and adapt when necessary. Hopefully we all win in the end.

  2. Let it drop more so I can buy more

    This is all a “psychological game” by the MOVERS to shake out “weak hands”

    Be patient and HODL Crypto Family everything will get better a BULL RUN is coming

  3. Zcash is the best hedge against bitcoin.. It would be huge as greyscale investement & other firms already have it… Also in this bitcoin bear market .. NYDFS approval got unnoticed!

  4. Thanks for the perspective and the pep talk! Much appreciated. One minor point of disagreement, though: there's no such thing as "deserving" to win in a market. Awful jerks will make profits. Shady manipulators will make profits. Nice, hard-working people will find ways to get screwed… or maybe luck their way into an awesome trade. It's never about what people deserve. It's about the quality of their strategy, about having the fortitude to stick to that strategy when the tide turns against them, or, probably more importantly, revising and adapting the strategy to changes in the market. Pinning hopes on what we deserve is just blind faith and wishful thinking. We all have to do WORK to understand the market, know when to double down or when to cut and reconsolidate. We have to be decisive, vigilant, committed. The market doesn't owe anyone anything. There is no market karma. It ain't about what any of us deserve. It's just doing the hard work and earning the good or bad results that follow. Anyhoo, you rock, man. Keep it up!

  5. Thanks for video. What you can tell about the arbitration bot bibitbot com . So he is good how speak about him? Thanks

  6. You nailed it again! Man I can't wait to see a video about tash token from your perspective. Definitely time to take for ourselves…maybe to go on a vacation or holidays. Cheeeeers 🙂

  7. Interesting video, thanks for him. Tell the opinion on the bibitbot com. Why all advise him around, a pier really now it is possible to trade on all coins and on any exchanges?

  8. Am likin ya channel mucho….thanks for defusing da FUD. I send the links to my mates..other women like me who are new to the crypto space….gotta keep spreading the word!

  9. Well done mate, just found you the last week but glad I did because I believe in all you say, don't panic sell and buy the dips, keep up the great work!

  10. Amen? At the end of the day, being invested in a nascent market with burgeoning tech takes conviction that you truly believe in what you put your hard earned money into. There literally is NO question blockchain and crypto as an asset class is the future. It’s just young and has to mature. Thanks for always bringing it back on point Ellio!

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