Frisbee World Records ft. MKBHD | Brodie Smith

YouTube Frisbee duo Marques Brownlee and Brodie Smith get 6 Guinness World Records!!! ▻ Click HERE to subscribe! Frisbee vs.


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  1. World Records are fun to get. Glad Marques could join in! Lets get this video to lets say 10,000 LIKES and I will try and knock out some more World Records!

  2. The first old record got be a joke. Passing 30 is not hard at all. I bet middle school girls can do that. That's make me wonder how serious Guiness record is. Even the new record 87 does not seem too hard.

  3. Seriously? Been playing for over 10 years and I could crush 4 of those records for sure with only one try…..come on guys….lol

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