LEGO The Incredibles Review

LEGO The Incredibles Review The Incredibles 2 Review Click to Subscribe: Try Gamefly Free: LEGO The Incredibles …


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  1. To me no one cares about this game, but everyone cares about lego dc super villains. There is always two lego games a year and the first one to come out nobody is interested in. For example last year, no one cared for Ninjago, everyone wanted lego marvel 2

  2. I’m not a HUGE fan of LEGO games but I do like a few of them. And I like the Incredibles. But this just looks bad compared to most LEGO games. And 6 hours for the campaign? It was the same thing with LEGO Ninjago. I don’t know what’s going on lately but the older LEGO games like Harry Potter, Batman, and Lord of the Rings were all closer to 12 hours. Hell, the Jurassic Park and Pirates games has like 4 or 5 movie campaigns in them. I think the development team is getting lazy.

  3. As a fan of the movies and Lego games. I would say it is an 9 out of 10 for me. Bahahaha. But I am biased and love the co-op with my family and the films a ton.

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