Game Theory: Is the MMO genre DYING? (Sponsored)

The gaming press seems to think that the MMO genre is dying, but is that really true? Or is history simply repeating itself? Thanks to Game of War for sponsoring …


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  1. Well my favorite MMO in general these days is Final Fantasy 14 And as for Free to play I've played a few and liked Elsword a fair bit due to not needing a super high end computer to run it and it being simplistic in style (and free, had no money when I first started playing haha XD )

  2. I hate mobile games. Every now and then you find a good one, but sadly, most of them have the same mechanics and game play that one would think they were only reskinned.

  3. The problem is that children gamers' population are growing drastically. In my country alone, you see ten year olds screaming at their computers and computer shops playing with their friends and someone else online playing Free-to-Play MMOs. And being children, they do not want to purchase those 15$/month subscription. They would, being practical, choose F2P Games..

  4. The free to play model is not a bad thing at all. I used to have the same initial “ehhhhhh” feeling towards them but Warframe changed my entire perspective on it. That’s a game that is totally free and one you can ACTUALLY excel at without ever buying currency with real money.
    I’m glad you pointed out that MMOs are evolving

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