I Just Spent Another $73,000 On Crypto Alt Coins

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  1. Did…..Did i just hear you say you put $73,700 into altcoins….and THEN say that anything less than $30,000 is a "low investment" for you…. it sounds like, if you're that rich you shouldnt be making youtube videos, you should be on a yacht somewhere with a bunch of models.

    Even more so… if the market does a 20x like it did last year, thats literally 1.4 million$ made. How in the world ( and this is an honest question ) how are you withdrawing crypto to fiat ?

    I think im honestly perplexed at the idea of this video, this is Trevon / CryptoNick level of open Youtube investing.

  2. with a high probability of BITCOIN falling below 6K, all these coins will be at 20-30% discount, so why are you buying now when you can buy cheaper later ?

  3. why u didnt buy ETC knowing that it will be added to coinbase in coming months, just wanna know ure opinion about it , thanks

  4. Thanks for sharing! I am kinda curious, you are such a fan of NEO, have you checked out ONT(Ontology) yet? Would like to hear your opinion about it.

  5. I have to ask, for a technical analysis guy, why are you buying alts in such a bear market. Yes these prices are down, but they have much more room to move down. Unless you are doing really short term trades and are expecting a bump which is not what the TA is saying.

  6. First, you have a great channel, but I'm not sure about the thought process going into the investments. Some of the coins have great business ideas behind them but until they start disrupting markets the investments are largely speculative and highly volatile. Are there any other ways that you diversify your investments or hedge your bets if like the last 60 days the market takes a 30%+ dip?

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