$500 000 Bitcoin If John McAfee Gets Elected – Today’s Crypto News

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In this video, Mattie talks about what’s going on in the world of crypto and blockchain technology. Stay up to date in this very volatile market highly affected by news.
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Bithumb subject to the latest Crypto Heist

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The Best Cryptocurrency Wallets to Safely Store your Funds

The Best Cryptocurrency Wallets to Safely Store your Funds

Bitcoin Will Reach $500 000 But Only If I Am Elected, says John McAfee

Bitcoin Will Reach $500 000 But Only If I Am Elected, says John McAfee

John McAfee Changes Tune on Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction

John McAfee Changes Tune on Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction

John Mcafee Bitcoin will hit $500 000 if I get elected as POTUS

McAfee is Running for President of the United States

McAfee is Running for President of the United States

SafeHaven is Moving to the VeChainThor Blockchain

SafeHaven is Moving to the VeChainThor Blockchain

Safe Haven — Building solutions for inheritance, asset distribution, and asset control on the VeChainThor Platform

Introducing Safe Haven — Inheritance Solutions Powered By The VeChainThor Blockchain

Safe Haven

Pre-ICO: Safe Haven – The solution to digital inheritance

Pre-ICO: Safe Haven – The solution to digital inheritance


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  2. I've turned you up as loud as I can and I can still barely hear you…

    Either bring the mic closer to your mouth or turn up your volume so we can hear you please

  3. McAfee is a scammer , just fooling you to get some publicity to pump and dump some alt coins. whoever trusts his stories is a moron.

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  5. McAfee's said the chart for Bitcoin will surely reach 1million USD before 2030. If said thing is to happen, like his past predictions happened, IT will be very very unwise for you not to know how to Increase your Btc instead of Just Hodling. I lost 5Btc to Bitconnect in January and i was left with 8Btc, I started looking for ways to make more money while asleep,One day on Altcoin Buzz channel, someone Recommended us to reach out to a man named Robert Wells who has made a great impact in teaching young crypto investors an Almighty Strategy to trade their Bitcoins, Its just 5months since I reached out to Him, I can Proudly boast of increasing my Portfolio from 8Btc to 43Btc . Y'all can reach out to him through His TELEGRAM +1(631)620-6929*, *HANGOUTS and Skype/Mail * *(Robertwells652@gmail.com)

  6. I wish people would stop saying that the markets are down because of "this news" because it ends up sounding like CNBC. It could have very much been a technical issue on the charts pointing to a crash the next day.

    As for John McAfee, since he's already stated that he's really not trying to actually get the presidency, now he just is saying what needs to be said to get the word out there. I don't think he's copping out or anything. He can't state every time, hey I'm running for president but I know I won't really get voted in.

  7. According to my best sources 'Jeremy' is a stage name. We have no specific indications that 'Shoemaker' was his given moniker, but it's always nice to appeal to a more family based audience. Most of them probably don't know what we're talking about anyway – and that's not necessarily a bad thing.

  8. the crypto hacks and thefts are bullshit smoke and mirror excuses to cover up the fact that MTGOX is dumping and the banking cartel are using shell corps to push and pull billions into the BTC market to manipulate the price…

  9. Why are you writing this article full of lies regarding to Mcafee and than you are breaking it down in your video ? He never said that he wants to win president and it has nothing to do with his prediction… He stated "Don't think that I have a chance of winning. I do not. But what truly changes America is not the president, but the process of creating one. If my following is sufficient I get to stand the world's largest stage and talk to the everyone, as I did last time, to tell the truth. "
    Regarding to his hidding in jungle it wasn't hidding from American army but Belizean army where he didn't fullfiled "polite request" from local government to "donate" 2 mil. US dolars to them. And regarding to seriousness of his canditature he said that he is living serious life and also establishing and building multimillion dollar company and also sleeping weeks in guatemalean prison on concrete floor came him as serious things in life even as his candidature for POTUS. And you as crypto enthusiast… I don't understand how can you discredit this man who is fully into promoting crypto for benefit of all of us.

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  11. Idea for Next video… just do the announcement that BTC hits 10000 Dollars and the best preforming ALT was ByteCoin hitting 10 Dollars… hahaha

  12. Let’s just make sure he’s elected! We will all be rich I tells ya! For the sake of 4 years of him as president…I’d take that all day long!

  13. Haaaa! The Crypto market is going blow past 10 trillion whether McAfee's elected or not. Blockchain tech has applications beyond imagination. It can impact the fundamental socio-economic fabric of 7billion people – it overhauls trade, currency, governments, medicine, F&B, transportation …stay invested in great projects & give it time 🙂 We've been doing that & its 10x our investments at the least every year!

  14. McAfee is a legend… he is viral about crypto… regardless if he is correct or not in his predictions… He is in the news attracting attention to crypto and we welcome all the newcomers in to this economy… even if this legend eats his dick on TV… markets and marketing at its best

  15. becauase hes killarys buddy and is paid by george soros. the only way for bitcoin to hit numbers like that is if the u.s. currency is worthless… fuck mcaffe.. hes a murderer and a pedophile

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