The More Affordable All-Screen Smartphone…

The Vivo Nex is the latest flagship smartphone from Vivo. It features some futuristic tech including a near bezel less OLED display, motorized pop up camera and …


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  1. lol

    I love how everyone bashes apple on removing home button, but praising others adapting gestures, even though apple’s gestures are more stable. Everyone’s gonna forget about this phone after 4 months.


  2. 50,000 isn't that much. Everytime you open Snapchat it seems to automatically choose the front facing camera. You open and more than 5 selfies a day, along with locking you phones while in Snapchat or accidentally swiping to the picture screen, which take you to the camera, not to mention constantly swiping the camera button on the lockscreen (I do that way too much), that 50000 cylcles probably won't last more than a year or 2

  3. You know Vivo , Oppo and One Plus are divisions of a same company ?! So while people compete over which is better , they sip bear as they take over the whole Smart phone industry in a storm of tech + build + price + well all !

  4. The only thing that I think a review like these could improve upon like Unbox Therapy, Dave Lee, and Linus etc. is to actually cover what frequency bands these phones support. If you search any of these phones like the One+ line Vivo, Oppo and others on FrequencyCheck you'll see that they dont actually support the proper cell network frequencies to support 4g lte at full/partial/ or sometimes not all. I recently had this issue with my One+ 2 that I bought in 2015. I couldnt send or receive calls where I live. Just picked up a pixel 2 and things are working as they should. For anyone out there looking to buy phones like these definitely do your homework. The features are very appealing, but itll be a brick if you can actually use it in the states.

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