5 Best Altcoins To Swing Trade!!! RIGHT NOW!!! [Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Investment]

Hey Altcoin Daily Team!

Today I want to share with you 5 altcoins. Put these on your radar. I think these have a strong chance of bouncing off their support lines making them strong candidates for swing trading/momentum trading. What do you think?

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***Not financial advice. Make your own decisions.

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  1. I have lost lots of money trading crypto, trying to trade crypto. I have been up 50% and now I say I'm down at least 30% depending on which hour I look if not a little more than 30%. I have used a portfolio manager, my ass, Todd Butterfield who managed to not make 1 trade in 85 days so I started trading myself with good luck in the beginning but not only the market but my trading skills suck and I've lost myself money as well. I'm looking for serious legit professional investor or trader to help me not lose everything else. I think cryptos will be valuable long term for sure, but in the meantime I'd rather not get beat down like I'm in the middle of a megadeath mosh pit. I am willing to give some sort of "bonus" for anyone who gets me in touch with a legit profitable trader or at least knowledgeable who is going to try to look out for my interests as well as his/hers. Personal email is gonzogold4200@gmail.com if anyone can help, thank you all kindly-Josh

  2. I have held over $20,000 on BTC and have made good trades, and i am glad the market cost will be very favourable for day-traders like me, and also do not forget about 15th of Aug people.


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  4. yeah sounds real good buy in then let it drop even more and get ass raped another 50%. Great advice. happens everytime in crypto the markets make no sense just throw away all your chart analysis because its wrong every time./ The market is unpredictable.

  5. Here’s mine (only guess work)

    BTC ( long term)
    Litecoin (3-6 months, or longer, out but it will see growth eventually and these a amazingly great enters prices!)
    Monero (it’s a privacy coin and will have a solid use case, but not a moon shot)

    My pick for reward vs investment and one I think ‘could’ see big returns is Digibyte. It’s hung around for forever, seen big price corrections but also has been building more and more positives news while slightly shifting into the more security aspects of blockchain. Could fail, but it’s a coin where 100 dollar invested and forgot about could see bigger returns. *not a swing pick in my opinion.

    Coins I’m not impressed with: XRP, and EOS. I’m just not sure about their projects, white papers, implementations, etc… centralized vs decentralized. EOS white papers continues to be a sore thumb for me.

    Coins I’m interested in but unsure: ETH (it’s a down market, but why is it being punished so much) Tron, OX, ZCash, VeChain(a bit scary), ETN, ZIL.

    Now eat my comments alive! Lol

  6. Hard to be a long term investor in this market, but I’m with you guys! It will pay off down the road. Wish I was skilled enough to catch these swings but I think my best bet is to keep scaling into my top positions.

  7. starting to trade with cryptocurrency is confusing,sometimes very its difficult to understand, i lost so much in a short period of time because i honestly didn't know what I was doing at the time, I had to stop. three weeks ago i started trading again this time i was trading with Andrew James and it has been the best, he understands the signals and he gives me advice on how a beginner like myself should place my trades right. I honestly never believed i would make money from cryptocurrency. a thousand bucks a week isn't much but its somewhere to start from. I'm not saying you'd get rich overnight but its good to have someone to put you on the right path. Andrew James(cryptoandrew0@gmail .com).

  8. Have you tried ethos wallet it's terrible just saying I sold all mine after I tried it one you add a coin it cannot even be removed??? Airdrops MIA and the UI is slow. But just my opinion 🙂

  9. one piece of information that should be mentioned if your swing trading (and you kind of alluded to it with 4/5 being in the top 10 on CMC) that circulating supply is all fine and dandy but if the Volume isn't there , then you'll never be able to exit and enter your position and the best times you seem fit . nothing worse then trying to exit a position you see falling but no one is making the trade ……volume is key my friends

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