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  1. I almost forgot one more problemI had: They gave Slenderman way too much screen time, to the point where it wasn’t even scary to see him appear. One of the basic fears that involves Slenderman is the Right Behind you trope. The fear and knowledge that you are being watched and he is nearby but not know where he is yourself. Slender is a master of blending in with surroundings but jumps from his hiding spot very quickly every time. And he can torture his victims mentally for very long periods of time; sometimes years! He is patient. But the movie takes place in little over a week. And exactly 1 week of that is a time skip.

  2. I just came back from seeing it. I am a huge fan of slender man and I see what the criticisms are about and understand them but there are plenty of things the movie actually does very well. For example, the video does mention that the Soundtrack and visuals are perfect for the creepy vibe. I personally don’t see the lack of storytelling when it comes to slender man as a weakness for the movie. I actually think in this case it helps given that One of the core features of slender man that makes him so scary is the unknown, the fact that we know so little about him. One aspect that I found rather dull however was the Way in which they use the scares which seemed to get monotone after a while And way too predictable. This significantly decreased the tension that was built up from the amazing soundtrack. I do agree that the characters were rather uninteresting. A lot of scary movies can pull off an interesting characters with ease, but these movies tend to be more of the slasher type. Since slender man is a psychological thriller, I expect to see more character in the cast. But despite these criticisms the way in which slender man is portrayed is kept true to the foundation of the myth. I would have given it a slightly higher rating of 7.0.

  3. That movie was sad the plot was ridiculous and predictable. The "characters" are bland and forgettable, the cinematography was random in some parts of the movie and slenderman was more of a cliche horror movie monster. The movie had potential but ended up on its face.
    Also for people saying that slenderman has no backstory does not help excuse the movie for its mistakes.

  4. I give it a 2 the sound and visuals were alright but didn’t stay true to how they should have when they see him it did give a distortion type sound but only lasted for a few seconds and stopped when the movie cut it should have been static I did like how he had more of a wooden vibe but he should of had a smooth pale face instead of a crappy wood carving the story was garbage with hardly an build up the atmosphere they gave was obvious and never gave any surprise for the crap jump scares and such and the characters were so cliche and dumb tripping over nothing that it was more satisfying to see them die the sister living in the end with the crap narration makes no sense sure she realized that trade life for a life but slender man had not worked that way at all before that moment so it made no sense for him not to pursue the younger sister. In the end the build up from never having a movie all the games and stories about him had made people excited for what ended up being a pos with no satisfaction to it so in the end 6.5 is way to generous and this movie should be laughed at

  5. Doesnt need an explaination, the mystery is where much of his appeal comes from. Answering questions like "what is it" or "what is its goal" would just be a let down since what makes him interesting and frightening is the unknown. "Explaination is the death of fantasy".

  6. They made him into a "Tree" monster…like really I know he blends in with the woods and such but…he lived in a tree and uugh…

  7. No matter the review says, I'll see it. But, Slender Man himself doesn't need an origin. The idea of a unstoppable enigma is Slender Man. And for the kids… why give them complexity when you know everyone is there to see the man himself?

  8. Ok i watched it the 10th and i do have a few issues. One the face time with slender no he has never done this. Two the storyline i found it hard to follow at times. Third the summoning thing well theres alot of ways you can so called summom him on the internet so i can't completely dimiss that. There was no meat to story all over the place not enough info to lead up to things in movie. Now slenderman himself i did love the special effects and graphics it showed him in all his glory. I feel if they did a better job with the movie.

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