The Best and Funniest vr reactions Funny Virtual Reality Reaction Compilations for 2017! Check Out!


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  1. 0:52 i think shoving on the girl will make it seem less real, because you dont have someone touching your back when youre riding a roller coaster, he should move the platform by holding onto the bars and moving them because then she will feel more like shes floating

  2. vr out of a car boot? thats a bit strange, why would you even do that? one day you are putting the groceries in the boot and you just think to yourself "what else could i do with this space?" oh yeah, of course, it makes so much sense, how about vr? lol

  3. Last week i get to try vr for the first time in a theme park, it was a virtual rollercoaster but sitting in an electrical seat conected to the pc reproducting the movements…. the first video was so rudimentary in comparison….??

  4. It’s bad enough sitting down with those things on….yet someone messing with you like that first one…extra-freaky…well all those participants.

  5. This is too stupid. Do you stand on a moving roller coaster? Hell no! This is just played for jokes. Still stupid. Im planning to get a vibe or the rift but still loving my psvr.

  6. That's actually kinda crazy. Some of these people are literally just standing and looking around with the headset but they all move around like they're actually in that virtual world. I wanna try one so bad I wonder how realistic it'd really be

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