TechRadar Talks – The Smartwatch Battery Issue

With most smartwatches only lasting a day or two in battery life we ask if we can ever expect them to get better, or if we just have to get used to it.


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  1. The G watch R is not two days lol never have been even on standby it fucks out after 24 hours – this has a lot to do with android ram management which is horrible and until they sort this out along obviously with screen technology it's going to stay the same which is shit lol. 

    Pebble has the answer for now – scrap mobile phone screen tech on wearables and use Pebbles solution then you'll have 5 days battery use.

  2. people who cant be bothered by the battery life by these smartwatch makers and smartphone makers, doesnt really care… 

    these big companies just makes this stuff and says, "this is what we are going to do, and you cant do anything about it…" people who do not care about a thing "oh, ok!!! cool!!! " 


  3. I take my watch off every day. As long as it lasts a full day, and my Apple watch has every single day, who cares if you have to stick it on a charger.
    People need to stop and take a second to think instead of being stuck in their geeky, speeds & feeds mindset.

  4. the pebble watches have 7-10 days of battery. i think that if you just search a little, there is a watch that fits you perfektly. like smartphones, or cars.

  5. Charging devices every night doesn't bother me, as long as they easily last a full day l of heavy use. I know its not a smart watch but my LG G3 is on 70% before I've even finished breakfast some days… Not good at all

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