Why Is Bitcoin Dominance Increasing?? Why Are Altcoins Being Drained?? [Cryptocurrency News]

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Today I want to talk about: Bitcoin Dominance

JP Morgan Targets Millennials, Takes on Robinhood With Upcoming Launch of Commission-Free ‘You Invest’

JP Morgan Targets Millennials, Takes on Robinhood With Upcoming Launch of Commission-Free ‘You Invest’

CNBC’s Analyst Brian Kelly Says Bitcoin ETF Approval Likely by February 2019

Ohio Lawmakers Pitch Their State As a Future Hub for Blockchain

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  2. My opinion: No1. BTC dominance happen because BTC manipulate the currency exchange and everything might look as a free market but in fact it is not !!! No2. BTC crush down most of the altcoins when is dropping down the price. When is going up, BTC win a lot more than altcoins. So i believe that there is more about influence and "who is number 1" rather than "let's all make some money no matter who is first or second in the chart" !!! Think about that. Why even Litecoin droped from 90 USD to 55-57 which is right now. ETH is not the only who suffers. WE GET LUCKY IF the price of most of them are gonna come back as it was last winter. So this is not based on merit, on work or fair business. It is all about luck and all about how much they are willing to give us. That's all 🙁

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  6. The problem with RobinHood is that you don't actually own the coins you buy. They hold the value of the coins for you, and you can cash out for fiat whenever you choose.
    Also you can't deposit or withdrawal any cryptos.

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  9. Interesting. Based on these charts it makes more sense to be buying good alt coins than Bitcoin. And when Bitcoin dominance is low to switch to Bitcoin.

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  11. Robinhood has no minimum balance…you can be an active trader with $10.00 and it is a great informational tool as well. You can only trade crypto in certain states so far on Robinhood. Wyoming has yet to be allowed… bummer, but BINANCE, Gemini, and Abra help me get around that

  12. I've been on Robinhood for 3 years. Best trading app out there for average Joe's and Jane's. JP Morgan will have their work cut out for them… interesting story…thanks!

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