Top 10 Trikes and 3-Wheel Motorcycles that Define Supreme Riding Comfort

Even though hardcore bikers would argue that three-wheeled motorcycles are only suitable for riders with mobility or balance problems, but we say no.

Trikes could just as fun to ride, at times offer additional cargo capacity and will definitely make you stand out on the roads! And to prove this point we gathered this lineup of the most remarkable 3-wheel motorcycles and trikes that exist today and conquer new frontiers.

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Harley-Davidson Freewheeler:

The history of Harley Davidson trikes began back in 1932 with Servi-Car and it is being continued in 2019 by Harley-Davidson Freewheeler.

Harley-Davidson Tri Glide Ultra:

Harley-Davidson Tri Glide Ultra was the first trike from HD to be introduced after the discontinuation of Servi-Car in 1973. The 2019 model features lots of updates and offers unmatched touring experience.

TRiO from Tilting Motor Works:

TRiO from Tilting Motor Works is a 3-wheel conversion kit suitable for Honda Gold Wings, Indians, and Harley-Davidson Tourers, Dynas, and Softails.

Can-Am Spyder:

The Canada based company Bombardier Recreational Products, or simply BRP has been manufacturing Spyders for 11 years now, and these unconventional three-wheelers have been a headache of automotive experts for all this time

Lazareth Wazuma V8M:

Lazareth is a France-based company that specializes in production of custom designed vehicles among which we can point out an extremely overpowered trike named Wazuma V8, that is based on Lazareth’s previous prototypes V12 and LM847.


PIAGGIO MP3 500 is a 3-wheeled maxi-scooter built in Italy and sold all over the world since 2003.


Eccity is an all-electric premium quality three-wheel moped that is available in three modifications. It is already on pre-order stage with a starting price of $7110.

Adiva AD1 200:

Adiva AD1 200 is a Japanese tricycle that can accommodate 2 passengers, has a foldable roof, a 40L trunk, and a protective windshield.

Shogrash 3х3:×3

You are probably used to seeing strange all-terrain vehicles manufactured in Russia to cope with unmerciful winters and non-existent roads, but chances are that you have not yet met the Shogrash 3×3 trike.

Yamaha Niken:

Yamaha has been teasing us with the Niken for quite some time and the official release to the market occurred in 2019. This three-wheel tadpole design bike is expected to revolutionize the riding experience.

Arcimoto SRK:

Arcimoto is a young fast growing company that specializes in manufacturing all-electric three-wheel motorbikes which are classified as fun utility vehicles by them.


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