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The Sims 3 University trailer http://bit.ly/VD2joP The War Z’s Foundation Release is a disappointment. Find out why in our video review. Subscribe to IGN’s …


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  1. Am I the only one who actually enjoys this game. I play a lot of DayZ and H1Z1 and I can gladly say, I also can have a good time with this game.

  2. dude, dayz will be 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times better than this game when its done.

  3. okay first to much water and now too many guns? YOU CAN NEVAR HAVE TOO MANY GUNS!! ghojtikhjftoiyjfitj;ihjuhuhPUHRPIUHuigpiHTJRIHTUPI5RAJTIP

    p.s you can't spell ignorant without IGN.

  4. omg IGN you just reckt this title man ! pluss this game is so glitchy and hackerfull people who dont know how to DayZ or any survival game should stay away even expirienced people in games like this STAY AWAY its just for quick money go play DayZ or idk tetris its much better.

  5. Ifs funny because even though the game is at the time bad, and he must review and play many games, he sincerely sounds salty.

  6. Pay to win should be illegal since you already paid to play the game to begin with, all games that have in game purchases should be marked on the game box to pre-worn buyers that you didn't buy the whole game it's fraud as far as I'm concerned

  7. I remember when people were saying this game sucks ass and everyone was like "ohhh it's still in alpha they're gonna fix everything" .. I was a WarZ enthusiast too, but once I figured out that this game is going nowhere I left that sinking ship. It's been a while now, and this game is still shit.. same with DayZ Standalone.. and every game released since then trying to rip off the good old DayZ mod. Sure, H1Z1 and Miscreated look really promising these days but I'm just to tired to hype about them.. the zombie survival genre is a great concept, but somebody give me a call or something when they finally put out a good game for it.. 

  8. I have played the game for a while even when it was still called WarZ.  All the information in this video is exaggerated or false.  It takes 2 seconds to get a gun yet he never had one.  It was the best game I had ever played until recently when it became a game that wasn't easy for new comers making the game go nothing but down hill.  WarZ/ISS is coming out with a new version soon called "ISS New Beginnings" and I am very excited for it.  Make sure you guys check it out when it comes out.

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