TechRadar Talks – LG G4 First Impressions

LG recently held its launch event for the LG G4 where we had our first hands on session with the new piece of kit. How good is the phone? We discuss.


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  1. All the other high end phones are going with either metal or glass, I quite like that LG is going in an other direction,be different I like it, at least you have options…

  2. Weak argument about the leather cover ,first it is an option second you can replace if it is damaged while the other phones you can't , glass is slippery and cheap looking plus metal is too shiny and slippery also , it is great phone well done LG.

  3. I really don't care about metal or glass body design because glass is so fragile and metal scratches easily. I'm really just fine with regular plastic. Either way I'm getting the G4 after my experience with the G3.

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