Crypto Prices Collapse Just As They Are Set To Rocket? – Japan FSA Statement Rocks Market

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  1. It sucks man i know how you feel. I left a good marijuana position on the TSX to try out the crypto market but i didnt realize how complex and difficult this market is. Its just unfortunate to be in this position. Im down but not out. Just gotta move on!

  2. i think we have to accumulate and hold, just think- how many firms are interested in all this money. something big is going to happen better be in it strong before its too late.

  3. The market is under 300B. When it hit almost 900B in December '17 it made instant crypto millionaires. The time to accumulate is now for those that missed the last bull run, including me.

  4. no offense, but OTC trades by whales seems like a myth until it's proven. without the liquidity in the market, there is no market. i understand why it would be wise to do OTC, I'm just saying it's all smoke and mirrors saying OTC is happening when there's no proof of it.

  5. If you look at this market since January anyone can see that the bankers have been behind the slump the whole way down. I've been buying near each bottom . I thought I was finished but with this slump Populous has to rise 1300 percent to make previous high so I will buy more Populous on Monday. Anybody's guess when this turns around. I think Bitcoin has just made a death cross but what does that mean when the markets are manipulated?

  6. Price won't just "rocket" back up like it's 2017 all over again, there will likely be some accumulation for a while after the market capitulates for good.

  7. The fact remains that the fundamentals for crypto have not changed, they are still superior to fiat in almost every regard. Decentralised trust-less systems are the direction we are heading as a society, the 6 billion unbanked/ underbanked of the world are waiting to join the financial world.

    The powers that be are (in my opinion) attempting to position themselves for the inevitable shift.

  8. So damn honest Omar. However when even crypto youtubers seem very bearish, we must be near the bottom. Ive been buying this dip since 700B market cap and proud! And you can be damn sure im still buying peoples bags month after fucking month.

    To be fair ive been buying BNB so its been making satoshi gains and been fairly stable USD

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