Microsoft Surface Phone Concept – 3D Model Render

Microsoft Surface Windows Phone 8 3D Render. Word that Microsoft is working on an own-brand Windows Phone handset keeps resurfacing, with the latest …


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  1. Чето не очень. Правда. Могли бы и лучше. Экран, рамки вокруг экрана ( огромная), кубический какой-то,…. хз-хз. Но видновс 10 люблю. Правда Microsoft на Windows 10 mobile забили хрен. поэтому дажу лучше будет взрывоопасный Galaxy Note 7 или iPhone 7 хахха. нет. бля…. хвхвх. Все ладно, надо отрезветь. а видео класс

  2. I don't see the point of a kickstand for a phone. Neither the point of a mini keyboard. However the connector could be used for a flip cover/screen protector thingamajigs.

  3. Put there the new tegra 4 ARM processors and at least 64Gb of disk, 4Gb of RAM, micro SD card, HDMI out and micro USB host and it's a rock solid sales system.

    Surface Phone should then run Windows phone + Windows RT + Game console capable system.

    Windows RT in "docking mode wen connected via HDMI.
    Game console when connected via HDMI and using a Xbox game pad.

    In any case windows phone contacts… should be usable in windows RT mode alongside with making/receiving calls.

    Thats it 🙂

  4. I have the same concept of how a windows pone should be.

    Surface phone, running windows phone and Windows RT, when you connect it to a TV via HDMI it would be possible to run Windows RT and get some work done. The small keyboard would work also as a touchpad just by selecting it, so the all keyboard would become a touchpad. Most of the time it would be used as a touchpad and by key selection it would be a keyboard.

  5. в горизонтальном положение меню что не переворачивается, зачем тогда эта клавиатура

  6. That thing looks sharp at the edges, the phone will have to be really thick to support a USB 3.0 port and when the keyboard is connected there isn't a switch to landscape mode ._.

  7. Yup, you will need an Exynos processor for ARM or an Intel Silvermont processor for x86 to accomplish it. Neither are supported.

  8. Here's my opinion; The Surface Phone will have a kickstand, starting halfway down the phone, that works bot landscape and portrait. The Surface touch cover, for the phone will be replaced with a screen cover, or a second screen, that is 49.99, and clicks into the phone. it will have a 16 mp camera, 1080 p screen, quad core 2 ghz, and will ship with windows phone 8 (Blue)

  9. The concept video is made awesome
    But obviously 50% of the video gonna are fake
    i mean the specs that has been shown here will be wrong

  10. ok here it is,

    1.Kick stand is nice
    2.Have a secondary touch screen display for bluetooth keyboard
    3.USB3.0 is really good, i love HDMI-Wifi
    4.Stylus input on secondary display would be more comfortable
    5.and for the above W8 RT is more suitable than WP8
    6.And Name it Windows Phone Communicator

  11. Microsoft, любые деньги за телефон отдам, если он будет без долбаных скругленных углов.

  12. Concept is lacking in the keyboard department. Pretty sure the keyboard would work better if it was a slide out but have the same thinness as their touch type. The slide out could double as a kickstand in landscape mode (which can also be used in portrait mode in "open card" format). I see qwerty slide out 2/3 sticking out behind the phone, then kickstand mode slide out full and folded over. Or slide in (closed) fully for kickstand

  13. While it is a nice phone, the proportions look out of whack.
    Though, I would much like a design like this…. without the USB, without the stand and keyboard…
    good job on the concept.

  14. i have the note 2 and is kind of big , for a 5inch phone i think a kickstand and a keyboard is really posible and it does maake sense.
    are they really going to do it i dont think so
    but would be kool

  15. windows phone has the most refreshing interface. bored of ios and android. but never find myself buying one of these,, just because of inferior quality of apps.

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