[ VRCHAT ] Kiss, Love, and War ( Virtual Reality )

The VR Roleplay continues – VRChat adventures Season 5. Kiss Love and War in Virtual Reality…. Watch the entire series! Subscribe …


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  1. I request joey gets a anime avatar with a ton of weapons shadow make this happen I now you know people who can do it please let this happen joey I think it'll look cool sir comment below how you feel about this

  2. RAd's outfit is looking sick. Some nep influence methinks.
    I want to see those ac130's and harriers hit chipz's club

  3. ………war……..war never changes. No rather it's the people who do….and the way we fight………we must change the our fight, our destiny……our own war.
    (Sigh) I might just sound like a old soldier whose sick of it all….but it's because I am….. I'm sick of all the dam wars, I'm sick of seeing my friends die, and I'm sick and tired so so tired of having to burry the real me under a suit of fails personality…….. I just want a place…..where peace can last at least TWO DAM MINUTES!!….but no……we must head out and see MORE MEN AN WOMEN DIE!!….. I can't take it………not anymore.

  4. Um sorry i just want to know, are the funny random moments vrchat (not RP) is will come again or this season is full of RP and new RP Coming up again?
    Btw i like this RP, i like watching top 5 anime entire life ? keep doing your best @Nagzz21

  5. Nagzz: you look very pretty. With you’re horns. andis: β€œNo…” lol. Awe! The feels. That was beautiful how you told zen how you feel about her joey and you too kissed.❀️ Zenzz21 Lets Go Baby!!

  6. Thats a lotta firepower in the beginning. Pretty cool stuff XD
    The drama was good in this episode as well. Stuffs finally commin to a head…….

  7. Well now the fan art makes sense.
    Hey Nagzz, I have a suggestion for you. I found some music that I think could be implemented into future episodes. I know that you finished the rp and it's just a matter of posting the episodes but again, it's just a suggestion. So there's an artist called Novo Amor and his music has amazing build up moments. I think you should check it out. I have no idea if his music is open for public use, though, so that'll have to be checked first obviously.
    Anyway, I hope you keep up the great work!

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