Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus for Switch Review

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus for Switch is a respectable port of one of the best games released last year, and greatest shooters of this generation.


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  1. Should have got someone to review it who can use gyro controls. That would have bumped it up to a 9 easily. Gyro is the future of console FPS gaming.

  2. I can't speak for wolfenstein but with the switch port of Doom I could barely notice a difference in graphics. At least not to a level that mattered

  3. Does it have the dlc? £50 is too much for old game that you can get a better version of for less than £20. This business practice will be the downfall of the switch.

  4. Like with Doom, I’ll stick with my PS4 version. The Switch version is not worth rebuying the game at full price. However I am impressed by what they can get out of the Switch.

  5. Nothing but respect, FILIP. Your review of Wolfenstein II for the Switch was 100% on point. I think Panic Button has done a much better job in porting this title than they had with DOOM for the Switch. Despite the 30fps, Panic Button have never disappoint me with not just the visuals, but the gameplay mechanics as well. Continue doing what you do best, player!

  6. This System Have Nintendo Stuff, thats all was needed . but more game at low resolution just because it is portable. well it is not for everyone but it is not for most either. i can trigger stuff in most . but OK as Switch will get ports even if it was not feasible at first. for some reason every switch owner wants every game on it. have sm mercy on it LOL

  7. It's amazing how you can play games like this on the go now. I remember playing Pokemon yellow as a kid on the gameboy, and thinking that had amazing graphics. Man how times have changed

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