I’m Switching To The Blackberry KEY2…

The Blackberry KEY2 is here… I’ll be putting my sim card into it and using it exclusively. How will the Blackberry KEY2 stack up against other modern …


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  1. i would personally go silver because it looks different and everyone pretty much has mostly black tech anyway different because your going blackberry anyway go all the way

  2. This phone and the whole idea behind it are shit. The company "started" with the keyboard as their trademark, but that doesn't mean that they should never let it go! Companies are now getting rid of the headphone jack, and blackberry is still having second thoughts about removing the god damned keyboard!

    Blackberry, the world is changing, and people are hating this freaking ugly keyboard.
    Remove it, and find something new to make yourself known again in the smart phones market.

    Otherwise, you're wasting your money on phones that nobody will buy.

  3. Using a BlackBerry in 2018… is not unlike most devices out there. I'm so tired of this rhetoric. BlackBerry is not outdated. Just a different demographic. I'm 32 and have been using BlackBerry devices for over 10 years πŸ™‚

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