5 Games to Get NOW on Xbox One X

With the announcement that the Xbox One X now has over one hundred enhanced games, we figured it’s time to comb through the list and provide you with our …


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  1. I love xbox from the starting for their halo series and other great games and i am happy for microsoft to make a console which is more powerful than ps4 pro with great graphics and power

  2. Is the controller really the same as the original Xbox One? The Xbox One S had a white one and felt like it had a different texture. This one looks exactly the same as the old ones. Kinda lame if that's the case. You'd think they'd have a special controller if the console costs so much more than the other consoles, but it's a downgrade?

  3. I own both Xbox One X and the base PS4, I'll just use my PS4 for the exclusives and the One X will be for all multiplats 🙂 There's no way in hell I will upgrade to a PS4 pro though, that whole thing felt rushed to be released before the "scorpio" and we all can tell.

  4. On a 1080p witcher, tomb raider, halo 5, gears and hitman are my tops due to the focus on performance boosts. Witcher rivals my brothers high end PC.

  5. Got AC Origins already on PS4 Pro
    Got Witcher 3 already on PS4 Pro
    Got Rise Of The Tomb Raider already on PS4 Pro
    Forza it's only racing don't care
    Gears? Not my type of game

    And the search on why I should buy an Xbox One still continues…
    Nintendo has opened a path for me Bayonetta 3! Might get it for that.
    Xbox… still irrelevant!

  6. I'll stick to my glorious PC and get Emulation, Steam sales, Mouse and keyboard support, controller support, Debugging tools, Unlimited mods, no frame-rate cap, upgradeable hardware, no tie in to an online service, unofficial fixes for older games, "backwards compatibility" thru emulation and steam just having tons of older games from the 1990s and up. the most vast selection of games on the market, console exclusives aren't as much exclusives as the PC exclusives actually are, good luck playing top tier MMOs or MOBAs or RTS games with no mouse and keyboard.

  7. Be smart, the best choise is ps4 pro + gaming PC , all the xbox one games came to PC and also you got the better versions of every multi platform games, with 60 fps, mods, free online, cheaper games, can do everything and more than gaming + ps4 pro for exclusives like bloodborn,uncharted 4 , the last of us, days gone, the order 1886,etc.If you like zelda breath of the wild (its on nintendo switch), you can buy the game and put it on the emulator on PC (cemu emulator) and if you are poor just download it and put on the emulator , on PC zelda can run at 60 fps with resolutions up to 4k

  8. Extremely impressive for a console… I’m actually very impressed… I’m a PC gamer myself but I should say this is good… The only thing it’s missing is good exclusives, which I hope Ms is working on..

  9. The guy who made this video sounds like he's so proud for Xbox One X having old games being patched. A powerful system, yet not a good investment of what is yet to come in 2018, get a grip Microsoft go make some exclusives.

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