BITCOIN BOUNCES? Vitalik vs. Justin Sun, Winklevoss Stablecoin, Litecoin Summit, Crypto News

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  1. Good content! What do you think about Ico feniks finance? I think it is quite a promising project. By the way they showed the speed of their blockchain and it reached 100k tps!

  2. One of the only crypto channels I subscribe too. Good, real content. Keep it up. Hopefully speaking and marketing this weekend can help boost subscribers, shocking you don’t have more!

  3. Stable coins are a great idea until the dollar collapses. All of the central banks are broke. All banks own these days is debt. As soon as the rest of the world loses faith in the central banking system that has been bankrupting the population, society will move to something more stable (BTC). Stable coins will work in the short run, but the dollar will collapse eventually.

  4. very much look forward to your episodes…def my fav crypto channel. I see great things for you in your future within the crypto space my friend. Keep it up, and thank you for your humor, as well as content.

  5. In Canada, Crypto is a commodity. Taxed as capital gain which means 50% is yours, the other 50% is taxed minus your investment. Twice, I've heard you talk about Canada wrongly due to misconceptions. Feel free to contact me for any questions since I work at the bank here.

  6. Stable coins..

    To allow fiat to be converted against the dollar..

    And also be obtained by everyone to move away from fiat and into a 100% fiatless society.

  7. The reasons you laid out for why stablecoins are useful, are some of the reasons why long-term stablecoins will not work IMO. If the stablecoin does all that and minimally retains the value of the asset backing it, how could a stablecoin NOT be worth more than the underlying backing value? The Gemini Dollar is important because it gives us a legitimate "tether" in these early times, one that can actually be redeemed! But the whole idea of this is that we wont need the stablecoins if this works out (ok, maybe "stable-ish," but backed by other physical assets, not by fiat currencies), so how could they ever retain their use case (they reatin minimum value, trivially). Just my 2 sats.

    EDIT: By "this" I mean Bitcoin and cryptocurrency

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  9. Awesome video, I tried for so long to increase my Btc but had no luck until a friend introduced me to Adam. This guy helped me and now I can boast about my potfolio. You can text him on telegram, he is a genius

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