Altcoin News – Crypto Market Recovery? Rich List, Internxt, Binance Issue, Ripple Partnership

This is Altcoin news, from the world of Cryptocurrency. Today we how the cryptocurrency market will recover. The city of Berkeley, California wants in on the cryptocurrency mania. The “invisible rich” list. Novogratz nets $250 million for new crypto investment venture. Binance suspends trading and withdrawals due to a database issue. Ripple’s global financial network partners with China-based payment provider. We also look at updates on Ethos, Power Ledger and Internxt.


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  1. Hey my crypto connoisseurs, in a month's time I turned $120 bucks into $1200 bucks with FINECOIN as it also gains interest everyday.  England's new staking coin which is far different from Bitconnect and Davor. Its still in the ICO phase and has a very strong whitepaper. Get in now boys! They're going to do right what the other lending platforms did so wrong. Hurry up because the ICO ends February 12.

  2. as soon as i hear a young voice – i'm not listening. BRING JEFF BACK!
    No offense, youngsters – but what CAN YOU POSSIBLE KNOW about money???? We need someone who's been there and done that… and survived too.
    I'm only watching this channel if Jeff is leading.

  3. Look into SNC (SunContract) please!!!! It is better than power ledger! Lower circulating supply, based in Europe, working product with platform coming out April 1st, CEO active in spreading the name at conventions. Everything is just better! Take a look for yourself 🙂

  4. After watching the Senate hearing regarding cryptocurrencies, I have never been more excited to be an early Crypto investor! It also showed me that Crypto will last far into the future; far enough where we'll all be old and need to pass on our crypto fortunes to our loved ones. It made me look into some crypto digital will/inheritance options out there and I immediately stumbled onto Digipulse (DGPT). Very low coin supply, scheduled to release their beta in 4 weeks, and has first-mover advantage in the digital inheritance market. Only problem is that it's currently only available via Cryptopia or Etherdelta, which both suck! Do you think you can do a video on Digipulse in the future? I really think it has great potential but your expertise would be greatly appreciated before I invest!

  5. Definitely give a look into the Hacken project. Their security audit services will be highly sought after whilst all these hacks continue.

  6. You guys should look into Iungo (ING). It was just listed on Kucoin only a couple of days ago… I think it is super under the radar. The most interesting part is that it currently only has an 12 million market cap and only 44 million circulating supply! I know you guys love those low market cap, low circulating supply coins that have real world implications so I thought I would point it out.

  7. APX has only been available on two exchanges since Jan 25th 2018. IDEX(ether) and EtherDelta. Caught my attention when it was listed this morning on Kucoin(APXBTC).

  8. Hey guys will you consider doing a review on aXpire (AXP).. A few names on AXP advisory board((Roger Ver, Mate Tokay.. Bitcoin), (Shingo Lavine.. Ethos). Partners.. IRTA, Microsoft Partner Network and r3. ….. Total Supply 350,000,000.

  9. My fellow Americans are fools if you want the government to regulate. Then you just helped the rich get richer. Accredited investors only cuts working class Americans out of ico's. GOOGLE it! …Accredited investors… And just read what that means. fools on altcoin buzz to even say this is good. Regulation must come from within and not from government.

  10. Constructive criticism: Overuse of cliches (moving forward, again,), monotone / drone voice induces strain and fatigue. good luck.

  11. Is English your first language?
    If not, that's absolutely fine and well done you are making good progress!
    If it is though… I'd really suggest taking some time to improve your grammar.

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