10 Cheapest Camping Vehicles and Conversion Kits to Start Your Van Life

Our life is too short to stay in one place, we have to visit new places and there is no better way to travel than a camper van! Today we will be showing the most affordable models on the market that won’t bankrupt you but still will ensure your next vacation is super comfortable.

Moreover, we will be adding to the lineup some extremely affordable conversion kits that do not require major modifications to the passenger van that you currently own.

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Vehicles featured in this video:

ModVans CV1: modvans.com/cv1

According to CA-based ModVans there is no better platform for a van conversion than the latest Ford Transit T350, which is delivered to the workshop directly fro mthe Ford Factory.

Marco Polo HORIZON: mercedes-benz.com/en/mercedes-benz/vehicles/camper-vans/marco-polo-horizon-spontaneous-adventurer

For those of you who seek more comfort than Marco Polo Activity can offer and want something less expensive than the original model, you can opt for a Marco Polo Horizon.

Hillside Leisure VW Transporter: hillsideleisure.co.uk/new-campervans

If you are not satisfied with the original campers offered by Volkswagen under the California brand, you can choose from multiple conversion projects like the one from Hillside Leisure.

Off-grid Adventure Van: ogavans.com

The Maryland based company Off-grid Adventure vans is focused on producing the most affordable, turnkey vans on the market.

Recon Campers: reconcampers.com

Recon Campers, that is led by Stephen Shank, specializes in the affordable campervan solutions with Nissan NV200 as the conversion platform of choice.

Saol Camper: coleco.ie

Cozy Leisure Company’s top of the line offering is Saol Camper, built on top of Renault Master or Renault Boxer with extended 20 feet wheelbase.

Glampervan Promaster MUV: glampervan.us

In case you prefer practicality and versatility over luxury and lazy comfort, then the Multi Use Vehicle created by the San Francisco based Glampervan should match your tastes.

Southern Spirit Renault Traffic: sscampervans.com

The usual suspect VW California might be somewhat costly for many drivers and that is why Southern Spirit Campervans company is offering a custom conversion of a more affordable vehicle Renault Traffic

Nissan e-NV200 Camper: newsroom.nissan-global.com/releases/release-75b19d3a1fdacef50552303145069adb-nissan-unveils-two-camper-van-models-in-madrid?query=camper

Volkswagen has California, Mercedes has Marco Polo and Nissan has now released two official camper vans, based on the already popular among conversion workshops platforms NV300 and e-NV200.

Sipras Camping Box: sipras.si/en/Flip.aspx

Sipras’ solution is called a FLIP camping box and it is compatible with numerous vans as well as other family cars, like minivans and SUVs.

Bus Boxx Santa Cruz: bus-boxx.de/produkte

One more budget solution that conversion market has to offer is called a Bus Boxx Santa Cruz. The same named company is headquartered in Munich, Germany and sells ready-made modules that could be installed on Volkswagen Transporter T5 and T6.


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