BULLISH Crypto News – Litecoin, Bitcoin and Bear Market Update

We are seeing incredibly bullish updates and technological changes to infrastructure that are going to give cryptocurrency a huge shot at changing how the world does finance. Links to all listed below:

Dan at CCV’s video

Coinbase Article


Reddit Post

Are we underestimating the crypto market’s potential? from CryptoCurrency

Joseph Young Article


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  1. If anyone is into Stocks as well as Crypto a company known as Next-id (NXTD) has just finished running tests and is ready to ship out pre-orders to start mass production of it's new Crypto Payment device "Flip" it claims to be able to Convert your Bitcoin into fiat in order to purchase things in any store that accepts NFC Contactless Payments.. Could be Huge

  2. The big money is being used to manipulate the average investor. Banks are going to keep the price down if it means spending a little to maintain a general sense of poverty. When Circle, er Goldman Sachs got into crypto, we were going to see huge growth. lol. But from then to the present, not so much. Nobody seems to have an answer when it comes to the price corporate accounts are consistently paying, in comparison to what you and I pay at coinbase or wherever.
    The dollar will need to lose noticeable value, and when this happens, I'm expecting covert agencies to begin shilling all kind of new shitcoins, in hopes of killing off crypto. I'm not saying the price won't go up, BUT, in conjunction the meaning of a dollar will need first to drastically change. From my best sense of optimism we have at least 2-8 months before charts are beyond this "shockwave"/Pump and dump/popped-bubble.

  3. David Smith makes a good comment below regarding usage – There are a lot of new companies using Litecoin. CheapAir.com online travel agent in USA – SurfAir.com. – Tapjets.com – USA private jet companies – VRporn.com. – (bit cheeky). – Overstock.com – online retailer in USA. – Alzashop.com – European Union online retailer – we'll have to see if it takes a week, a month or a year to have an effect. Litecoin mining! Remember Litecoin mining reward 'halving' 2019! Bitcoin 'halving' 2020!

  4. The winners will be the ones with the right vision of this market and the global economy.
    Cryptos are still in its early stages populated with investor with lack of experience and others with the potential to grow.
    The fact that crypto currencies, although less than blockchain technology, is part of the talks of the financial markets players makes me conclude that a great future is ahead of us.
    Crypto assets as well as blockchain is here to experience the turbulence of the global financial economy and to grow exponentially.

  5. I hate coinbase! My account was one of the early credit card accounts, before they stopped accepting them. So for months I was able to buy crypto on VISA. But since getting a new card number, I’ve only recently discovered I’m not allowed to use it in place of my old card.
    Also, look at how regulations have trashed the stock market. The optimism of career youtubers is a little laughable. Nothing in the charting indicates anything other than a cooling off period at best. You want exponential gains??? GET OUT! No BITCOIN FOR YOU. Come back in Late September (or more likely, October)!!! And this is the early side. —-with love, The Bit Nazi
    PS, regulation is code terminology. They won’t be regulating anything…unless by “regulation” you mean “artificial price suppression”.
    Many youtubers I believe are too optimistic and don’t get how the financial system works. 6 people hold more wealth than the lower economical half of the globe. Regulating this market when they’ve been so open about their disdain for it can’t be a good thing for the average crypto-head.

  6. Google search…imagine litecoin 2…Bitcoin 9….porn….37….Tyler (singer) 63….the google searches show what people are really thinking about.

  7. Great video Tyler!! Listen though I’ve been around the block a few times..the bear market may be over..true statement..but are the bulls actually here? That’s the question I wanna know the answer to!! And a little run up doesn’t tell me anything..I need to see persistent action and until I do it’s still bear season!! Be well

  8. I am now at 101 LTC! Re the bear market of 2013, I think it may not be a good comparison. Five years ago in this crypto world is like light-years ago. The forces that shaped that Bear market were fairly different than now. Not criticizing, but LTC was just a child then and comparative T/A analysis might be skewed. Cheers, Bob

  9. What is really going to boost the price in cryptocurrencies is usage the ones that don't have any used will go by the wayside the ones that have use will gain

  10. Finally some green to accompany the good news. Waiting, just like everyone else ( with confidence)… I can hear champagne ? bottles popping by Christmas time.

  11. I am still on the Hodl train. It makes no sense to sell at this stage. Might as well ride it out if you can afford to. I think the bulls will ultimately win out and drive it to 500 or more before the year is out

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