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  1. This looks ropey AF! I get that it's a work in progress etc, but that texture pop in and those muddy graphics… Plus as others have said it looks like a cheap Chinese knock off of L4D.

    There could be potential there with (a lot) more work, but right now, this is a hard pass. Especially when you could be playing Dying Light… Or Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 already.

  2. Omg I was recently talking about how awesome it would be to get LFD3 and this is what we get! Where are the zombies, the dark bottlenecked areas, the hunters. I felt no urgency to get to the next safehouse alive! So sad right now.

  3. I think the voice acting could be a bit better and the gun swaping animations were something left for dead had here its just poof handgun and whoever was playing this….just dont…not sure what to think of the main charachters or the aliens yet the aliens are kinda eh….but maybe it will get better later.

  4. you see guys you see???!!! this game is a direct copy of left 4 dead but folks are saying world war z is like a copy if anything world war z is the division with zombies and I'm ok with that

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