Ant-Man and the Wasp: Our 8 Biggest WTF Questions (SPOILERS!)

There were a lot of developments in this Marvel sequel that made us wonder what happens next in the MCU. Ant-Man and the Wasp Ending Explained: …


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  1. Isn't captain marvels movie going to have the quantum realm in it too maybe she, on a small chance, is the one that finds him. Just a theory please prove me wrong if I am ??

  2. The infinity war question is simple. The New York situation only lasted an hour at most and team ant man is in San Francisco which is on the other side of the country, and no one knows where Wakanda is except Cap’s avengers, Martin Freeman, and Wakandans. Also the black order left earth, so team ant man would believe the threat is over.

  3. Two things, I don't get it,
    1. Everytime they toggle those switches in cars, how everyone inside in it are transforming into smaller sizes?
    2. I remember vividly from first part of this series, where Scott first time transforms and when he was running around and breaks floor tiles, they said, when transforming, Han tech only reduced the volume there by increase in density, then how the hell they fit that building and carrying it around in laps like it's a cake box
    Does anyone understands what I am trying to say?

  4. I just wanna know why Antman and Hawkeye are in house arrest while Falcon is out there free? I’m pretty certain that Cap would help everyone break out but maybe if they did it would be harder for them to be with their families……

  5. How were they supposed to know that the Avengers were in Wakanda, and the Black Order Attack on New York was only 10 min they're in San Francisco

  6. Why people are confused by the Ant-Man and the wasp timeline. It was happening 2 years after the event of Civil War and probably couple of weeks before the event of Infinity War. And of course the post credit scene happen on the same time as Thanos finger snap.

    They won't do movies with the timeline after the event of IW, cz that would be Avengers 4.

  7. Q5 is actually a very dump question. First of all Dr. Pim hates SHIELD and Avengers, and Scout got caught by the Avengers. Why would they risk anything to help Avengers? Plus, they have no idea about Thanos and infinity stones, so they have no reason to fight cause Avengers gonna take care of the alien invasion just like last time. SF is at west coast and NY is at East Coast son.

  8. My wtf question is why Scott Lang’s ex wife’s husband always getting all buddy buddy with Scott and touchy

  9. They probably knew about the attack on New York in Infinity War but the flying donut was gone within only about 10 minutes, so they couldn’t do anything. Also nobody outside of the dome knew that the Battle of Wakanda was happening so they couldn’t have done anything there either.

  10. My biggest WTF question is how this film doesn't even follow the first film's logic. The reason Ant-Man needs to wear the suit is so his body is protected from dying when he shrinks. But now it's apparently totally okay for people to be shrunk down and resized back up with no problems at all? Why wear the suit then?

  11. I feel like the team probably didn’t know or care that Thanos was the one really doing the attacking. Manhattan is consistently attacked in the comics, TV shows, movies and even games, so they probably heard of the attack on Mew York and thought it was the same old fight that the Avengers would win. Little did they know it would lead to MUCH more than a torn up city.

  12. I didn’t really think about the last question, thought it was a throwaway. But maybe!!

    1. Green Goblin? But i doubt Marvel would just let Sony have control of that

    2. Dr. Doom? I believe the movie was done shooting before the Disney/Fox purchase

    3. MODOK? Just a random guess

  13. No one is mentioning the part where he was told not to get stuck in a time vortex, that should be the biggest clue as to how he is seen in "avengers 1"

  14. So the actress that played hope said that she had a small role in avengers in an interview . She “died” here from thanos’s snap. That has to mean that people are coming back from that snap?

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