How to setup VR headset “Pimax 4K review” install connect a VR headset to your PC computer, MY PC is the minimum specs to run “Virtual reality” i5 3.2ghz …


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  1. What happens plug in a standard HDMI see? Meaning no computer to run VR software but something like a standard Blu-ray player or older game console

  2. Great review and tutorial!
    But I can't understand how to connect both screen and vr.. As I understand when I connect the vr to the graphic card I don't get the screen to work simultaneously?

  3. My computer graphic card is GTX1060 6GB. So this is okay to run the 4k ? by the way, do I need the screen which can support the 4k ?

  4. It was great video but controller is it wireless or wire? I have Pimaxvr and it's been very good I'm running AMD 8350FX with 8 megs of ram and AMD RX 480 16gig video. Thank You very much for your video.

  5. It seemed like when you were going over the requirements for each headset you were calling them the minimums when the screenshots were for the recommended. Did I miss something? Thanks for the review either way.

  6. Hello,

    cool video, do u know u can use psmove like VR controleur, and play game who need touch ou vive controleur πŸ™‚

    this exelent to try !!

  7. Dude I am Trying to set Pymax on my leptop Leovo y50 with GTX 860, but I am Having problems with Focus, I have tryed to set it on IPD Adjustments…. But I could not find diference Between 50 and 75… Do you know what could be the problem?

  8. Euuuum. the pimax does nothing magical. Since it runs at 60hz, you need a lower GPU than a 970 to achieve that. The two others run at 90hz. But if you want, you can run any other headset. As long as you keep the resolution, you will end up with same performance. They are just a tiny screen in front of your eyes.

  9. Stay away from Pimax 4k. Some considerations: HARDWARE: the HDMI 1.4 does not allow to exploit the 4k to more than 30 Hz, and using the resolution to 1k and 2k I was never able to overcome the 60 hz. Videogames in vr that run under 75 Hz can cause nausea, motion sickness, headaches. It really depends on who uses them. I could never use Pimax for more than 2 minutes. The screens are LCD and not OLED. They show ghosting effects every time you move your head. They have no manual adjustment for IPD (Inter pupillar distance) but you must work on the software for the settings. Once you use the Pimax the horizon begins to slowly tilt. Every time I've played a few games in a short time I had to turn myself more and more to the right to keep the image in the center of my vision. As for the SOFTWARE: the Piplay program has come to version 1.2.57 but in the Pimax Forum is recommended to downgrade it to the version 1.1.92. Depending on the model the change in IPD is bugged more or less. With 1.2.57 pupillary distance best for me is 6.3 cm. With 1.1.92 it is 5.8. The software occasionally freezes, sometimes it does not recognize the VR headset and when you change the parameters sometimes you have to restart, others time you have to disconnect and reconnect the Pimax, others must restart SteamVR. About SteamVR, you can not understand what the parameters stored there really involve the Pimax. Brightness and contrast are adjusted in complicated ways and with multiple steps. SUPPORT: I think that selling a product that, from the outset, is potentially harmful to the health of some consumers, it is unserious. If you can feel bad using the Headset that can reach a maximum refresh speed of 60 hz, the thing should be clear. But it is not. Moreover, no one helped me understand if the illness that I had using Pimax depended on a hardware failure, on a software failure or from a mine low tolerance for low fps. All the people who have tried my Headset has experienced nausea or dizziness. After some simple e-mail communication, in which the support team has just advised me to update the software, no one has reply to my email. In short, I repeat: stay away from Pimax 4k!

  10. Nolo VR seems like a good friend to this headset for a more mainstream compatible experience, with games and so on when paired with Steam VR

  11. Great information, I have been looking for this exactly. I've been trying to find the least expensive units that DID NOT require a phone… that just kills me, I want one that's ready to use. Thanks Tampa Tech. You Rock!

    Hey, what monitor are you using? That's very nice and it's about time to update. πŸ™‚

  12. Hey Paul, lol you have just made a new enemy in my wife.
    I was watching your vid on my projector and she caught this moment @ 5:28 by surprise. in 250" HD goodness.
    She sure SCREAMED so damn hard!

    She really wants to know if that was even intentional?

    Either way though, thanks for the vid (and the bonus :P)

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