Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact hand-on – MWC 2018

The small but mighty has returned at MWC 2018 – its the Xperia XZ1 Compact and we’ve gone hands-on ahead of our full review. This phone packs a Qualcomm …


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  1. Soooooo it doesn't have headphone jack but does the xz2 have if yes I am a biggggg fan of Sony compact line and I am saying to u Sony fuck u dumb iPhone user. Compact my ass

  2. Look soniichan bluetooth headphones are great. They're awesome I use them all the tiem. But when you need battery life, an aux port is a must. It's like ditching wired connections cause nfc and chi are a thing. Yeah they're convenient but fuck it just makes it complicated for for daily use

  3. The back looks a lot cheaper than the xz compact of last year. The price will determine this phone for me. It has to be around one plus territory for me to consider it. If it is more expensive than the pixel 2 then it is too expensive.

  4. What a waste! I just wanted a omnibalance design like the Z3, Z5 or XZ1 compact with smaller bezels and a 4.6 to 5 inch screen at a resolution of 1080p with HDR. And offcourse a 3.5mm headphone jack. That's it. This phone is too thick at 12.3mm compared to my Z5c (8.9mm). I'll take the XZ1.

  5. Does it look as ugly and cheap in person (on the back) as it does in pictures/video? The XZ1 Compact looks much better in person and I hope the same is true for this guy.

  6. Sony,
    All we wanted(a few years ago) was a Z6 compact. That's all.
    A combination between Z3 compact and Z5 compact design wise, no back glass, so no worries there.
    A phone that does not heat up very easy.(not the deal breaker there, but still)…
    A phone of which front panel(LCD screen) won't come off by itself.
    A free waterproof USB port, no easy-damageable flap to cover it, no magnetic charger needed.
    Better software, or whatever is needed for that very high tech camera to take better photos than a 8MP cheap model.
    Good battery life, just like there already has been.
    Same phone size, because that's why we want this phone: the only one that is small and has good specs. NO we were not craving for another aspect ratio or bigger screen, or dual sim or vibrators for when watching a movie.
    Just a simple phone, simple design, good battery life and build quality.
    And, just as nobody was expecting back then, we are praying for the headphone jack.
    Me, myself, I do not use the headphone jack that much, but taking it off or no good reason is not gonna do too much good or you taking in consideration your "walkman" fans.
    Me, as a Z3 compact owner, waiting patiently for a good upgrade from you guys, I am more and more disappointed.
    p.s. waterproofing of course. πŸ™‚

  7. Waiting for XZ3, maybe they will mimic the success of Z3. This phone is too thick (1.2 cm!!!), 168g in weight and snapdragon 845 is just an incremental improvement over 835. Next gen will be game changing, 5G, Wifi 11ax chips, 7nm process, new arch from ARM, all the boxes ticked.
    I really hate the way the industry works now, it launches products on an yearly cycle to keep investors happy, but improvements are generally very small. For ex, I have a Z3 compact which still rocks. Only 5G, better wifi and maybe an amoled panel would convince me to change. Until then, only the camera is better on this new device.

  8. Why Sony…
    It looks generically vulgar.
    I hasn't really gained much functionality since z5 compact(my current phone).
    A curved back just makes it look fat.. And 12 years old.
    And the onpy new things xz2 brought are missing from the compact.
    Improved vibration, nope.
    Wireless charging, nope.
    Worst of all, no headphone jack.
    Why? Isn't Sony one of the biggest companies in the music industry?

    I get that usb-c is on the rise and will eventually replace different I/O ports and peripherals will adjust alongside. But until then, just provide the current standard.
    Also, it's nice to be able to charge your phone and listen to music simultaneously.

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