Experience HELL In Virtual Reality! | HellEvation |

Ever Wanted to visit HELL before you had to, to see what it was like? MUHAHAHAHAHA! I bring you 2 demos today! HellEvation & Haunted Ride….LEGO!


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  1. I'm A Not-So-Extreme Christian (Which Means I Believe In God. But I Don't Usually Read A Lot Of The Bible And Go To Church. But I Still Believe In God.) But Ima Make This Joke Anyway.

    Do Not Read If You Are A Extreme Christian Or Just Can't Take A Joke. I Repeat Do NOT Read!

    Welp. I'm Pretty Sure Christians Were HELL -a T r i g g e r e d By This.

  2. Wow the Bible was right the path to Hell is big and broad and the path to heaven is narrow and few will find their way there. Hell isnt a game according to NDE’s or near death experiences people who died and came back to life cry talking about hell and say it’s way more realistic than how real we feel now. And people burn and burn and get stabbed by demons because we are made of God’s image and demons and definitely Satan hates God so oh well and fair to those who risk going to hell it was nice knowing y’all while yall lasted?

  3. I've read the Qur'an. And the Bible. I've not read proof of Allah or Yaweh in either. A holy book isn't evidence. Using the same logic I could use Lord of the Rings to "prove" the existence of Hobbits. Also,you claim to love Jesus but you also say you don't know much about him. To claim to love someone who you know very little about seems very strange. Why do you love him?

  4. There are so many people saying "hell is going to be a place of eternal torture, pain, blah.." but Satan's evil. Why would Satan punish us for doing something bad if he's the master of all things evil. If he was to truly punish us for sinning that wouldn't make sense, because in the Bible he's always encouraging us to sin.

  5. its funny all the sheeple/this isn't hell comments, OI mate. this isn't what hell would be like, No Fucking Shit. We aren't stupid, its a game. Deal with it, and learn that this isn't meant to be a: Life-In-Hell Simulator. Its a VR Game, about a roller coaster. #STFU

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