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  1. I think your done with the L4D series but if you plan to make L4D3 here are some things you can do

    A new group of survivors are stuck in a fast food place or the L4D2 characters are help up in a Overrun military base. Or L4D1 characters make a move on.

    New zombie: Thief. Main ability: can push you over and take your primary weapon leaving you stunned for 2 seconds and you have to chase the Thief and kill it and retrive your weapon. If you dont it will run away out of bounds leaving you with your secondary weapon.

    New zombie: Zombie Dog. Main ability: bites you and drags you to the ground a bit like the charger but you can punch it off. Can howl for backup 10 common infected, 2 random special infected and 1 thief so 10 commons and 3 specials but 1 is always a thief.

    New weapon: MP5 silenced, perfect for silently killing hordes.

    New stuff: different types of armour you can wear like Military and Swat and police vests

    If you make a L4D3 can you add these and maybe more?

  2. Look im very poor and I bearly have a notebook. I love you valve and your games butt I want to have htc vive and I cant aford it soo can you give me one

  3. Hi! Guys i need the email of the section works with commercial offers. We have an offer for you. Thanks!

  4. I LOVE htc vive. It's very beautiful to see games virtual reality.
    Wish I had enough money to buy it.
    Hi, this was a terrible movie that really inspired me! Can I get VIve for free? For I believed that I had one, but my material condition prevented me pless 🙁
    if you have a dead htc vive please sent me free i also repair it
    I also review on my channel

  5. Don't forget that you need a top of the line computer and graphic card to use the VIVE thing. So start with that and add a thousand for the VIVE

  6. как они так снимали? как в домашних условиях (предположим у меня есть зеленая комната) это можно снять? не могу понять )) в тех играх же по дефолту нельзя сделать вид от лица сторонней камеры, про привязку челвоека к очкам вообще молчу )

    можно полное название этой камеры и софта который использовался для достяжения такого эффекта ?)

  7. Wow, amazing video. Those guys must have fun. It must be amizng experience… I cannot affrod that :c Can i get it free?

  8. I have the HTC Vive and it is by far my favorite thing ever. Tbh i love it more than my family and friends. WARNING: If you buy the Vive. Say goodbye to your family and friends because you would probably not want to see them ever again!

  9. Yes this is what we wanted valve. Not hl3 portal 3 or literally any game, we wanted this. Thank you valve for 6 years of doing fucking nothing.

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