Bose QC35: Best Noise Cancelling Headphones?

Bose QuietComfort 35: Premium noise cancelling headphones get a successor. Bose QC35: Bose QC25: Video …


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  1. I have these they are awesome Cruz my dogs bark a lot all night and my German shepherd just whines only bad thing u can't use them as a mic during pc gaming

  2. Greetings
    I use Dragonfly red
    With 3.5 audio jack
    Will it work with it and would it be good sound quality ?
    I did not get that part when u listen through your phone wired connection u cannot use the noise cancellation?!

  3. Never going to buy another Bose product, because ear pads synthetic leather material doesn't withstand use.
    It disintegrates and stitches give up.
    Have replaced QC25's similar ear pads two times under 2 year period and they are very expensive

  4. Something this video completely forgot to point out is it's faulty AUX cable sound quality. It's the worst part about these headphones. The sound quality is dumb down around 25-35% and sounds muffled out. If you have the AUX cord plugged in with Bluetooth enabled, the sound quality is there 100% but it runs on battery life… When the battery runs out, you go back down to the 25-35%.

    If you want to buy these headphones go for it, but don't expect to get 100% rating. These don't deserve it's 429.99$ CAD price tag.

    These are my ratings on the Headphones + Accessories.

    Comfort – 9/10
    Sound Quality – 6/10 (AUX) – 10/10 (Bluetooth + AUX[Power On])
    Build Quality – 9/10
    Charging Cable – 3/10 (Due to Shortness 4", would prefer 1'6")
    AUX Cable – 7/10 (3' roughly, would prefer 4') + (2.5mm [headphones input] + 3.5mm[Headphone Jack] would prefer 3.5mm in each)

    Overall: Good headphones, just not the greatest.

  5. Not a fan of the digital noise cancelling, guess it's just not for me and I'll probably pick up some 3m earmuff to put over my earphones.

  6. The headphones still have a noice canceling option with a wire you just have to switch them on as well, I can’t believe you didn’t know ???

  7. Do you know if noise cancelation can be done with the wire? Wanted to work on my laptop on the plane which doesn’t have blue tooth.

  8. I bought the QC35's over a year ago and I don't regret it. The best headphones I have ever had. I use them every day. The battery life is great and better than I thought it would be. Noise cancelling is amazing.

  9. Guys i have a question because my knowledge isn't very good when it comes to audio in general ,
    What is ldac ? And will the bose qc35 ii work well with my phone even if my phone doesn't have ldac ? ( Is is a 2016 Samsung A7)
    Thank you

  10. Hi, I am new here.. just subscribed to your channel.. I like your videos! The reviews are really helpful! Thanks! Btw, do you have any suggestions for truly wireless earbuds? I am thinking of getting a pair but not sure which one is good…

  11. Utter shit dont buy, dont work on android they will connect once then you will be forced to automatically install corrupt software i sent mine back

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