The Transparent Smartphone Is Here…

The HTC U12 Plus is the latest flagship smartphone from HTC. It features a semi-transparent back plate which makes it rather unique. Is the HTC U12+ the …


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  1. I got a YouTube ad from unbox therapy and thought I was watching the actual video for a good solid minute

  2. The review is protective and biased. It's a good phone, you wouldn't know from him cock blocking the whole shpill. Enthusiast level should be a windows phone tho. Speak to open all apps, close, wifi and bluetooth. Speak should now work offline instead demands running through servers…dumb. battery should be 5000 mah for the price considering phones at 100 bucks have 4200. High price phones should also include lifetime non mirrored cloud storage. Also phones at price point should have higher interactions.

  3. "You're the one getting squeezed" bam!!! That says it all. The flag ship market for overpriced phones is dead. Meanwhile the midrange Market is still there for the taking.

  4. 10 years back, in 2008. We were in just in the starting phase of smartphones and now we have smartphones way more powerful then average computers back then. Just think what will be smartphones like after 20-30 years.

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