IGN Reviews – Call of Juarez: The Cartel Game Review

The third Call of Juarez changes centuries to modern times in the new shooter game “The Cartel,” and it’s not for the better. See why in this IGN video review.


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  1. If this game was released in 2011 why do the graphics look like it was developed 10 years ago?
    Seriously I know other video games from 2011 and their graphics look life-like.

  2. I really like the characters, except for Kim. But Ben and Eddie were badass. I liked the secret agendas thing and it's cool that this game has melee combat like the original Call of Juarez. Bound in Blood and Gunslinger have no melee combat at all.

  3. graphics story graphics story… is this what you called "gamers" care about anymore, If you care so much about a story and graphics watch a damn movie

  4. I have played all the CoJ Games on every Plattform. I loved it, it wasnt that bad as here said – cant understand, why people completely denied it…

  5. Who is this tosser reviewing this game? Who plays video games to "feel" or "care" about the characters? If I wanted real dialogue, I'd talk to my mum sitting next to me. I guess this guy would also complain about a washing machine simulator not doing enough revolutions per minute to be able to compare it to his own. – 10 year old nerd reading from daddy's knee before 'goodnight'. He should also learn how to pronounce 'Juarez' – It's not 'Horrez' – LOL

  6. dammit! I just bought this from the bargain bin and was really hoping this was going to be good but so far NO-ONE has given this game any positive reviews.

  7. I have played this game for 2 hours. I have played only the first level, netting 235 gamerscore from the first level ALONE.
    The AI is horrible! The enemies are total retards, and so are your colleagues…..

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