iOS vs Android: A Google user’s POV!

Which one would you pick? Transformer Prime’s Wallpaper: iPad 3’s Wallpaper: ~ …


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  1. The funny thing is the iPad 2 is still running the latest version of iOS. And I'm guessing that android tablet never got another update. Still stuck on android 4.0 or something.

  2. I think that its funny that this video is almost 4 years old and people are stil trying to convince you. Personally, I am starting to have very divided opinions on Android vs. iOS. I prefer the simplicity of iOS for my phone, the customization and features of the Android for consuming media on my Nexus 7 (it real is the perfect size and shape for this) but I fall back to iOS for ease of use and the vast amount of realestate of my iPad for content CREATION.

  3. I would go with the Transformer prime. I have an iPad mini retina and I love it. But if the hardware of both tablets are virtually the same, I would go with the transformer prime, mostly because the google apps that you use are better optimized for android.

  4. I game on my tablet so I would choose android 5.0 or 4.4 vs ups 6 or 8 because ups is nice and all but android tablets are better for gaming, the nvidia shield is better than any iPad and ups doesn't use all the screen space like android so personally on a tablet I would take android or even Windows over ios

  5. So I know that you're currently busy with CES and other epic stuff – but when you get a chance, could you make a video about Android vs iOS. Esp with the "big sellers" (Samsung, HTC, Sony, Nexus)
    Mainly because I am fed up of explaining and re-explaining to friends and family why I've stuck to Android since the G1.
    -Side note –
    they used to mock me for having an android device for the last 5-6 years and now they're the ones trying to tell me why android is better in some cases – what pricks.

    Anyways, It seems to be a trend now, a lot of iphone users I know are moving to Android mainly because they're tired of the same OS and bad battery life.
    Concluding the video with some recommendations (or just linking them to the smartphone awards [which is epic])

    Cheers broski! Sorry about the essay.
    Enjoy Vegas!
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  6. I would recommend the Asus tablet because since you are a google heavy user you will find IOS too simple. I switched from IOS to android a few times and now I am on android and I wouldn't go back to IOS because IOS is too simple and everything thats in IOS is on android.

  7. Use witch ever one makes you happy. I had only tried the iPhone drove me up the wall but has some good features I love my Android. To each their own.  

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