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  1. I wish this review went more in depth about the story. As a story nut, I still don't know whether to buy this or not. Even the best gameplay in the world won't make me want to waste 50+ hours on a meh story

  2. This game will stay exclusive to Nintendo, Nintendo has publishing rights over this title outside of Japan and help with the development of it similar to what happened with Bayonetta 2 and square even gave the octopath team an exclusive switch development team.

  3. Something to make note of, some people who data mined some info found a song called Final battle (you can find it on YouTube, sounds amazing) that many people that have finished a few individual storylines haven’t encountered yet.
    So there is still hope for a “final chapter” of sorts but best to keep expectations low and be excited for what we know is in the game for sure 🙂

  4. Thanks to steam summer sales I have no cash left to buy this right away :< plus next month we got monster hunter for the switch AND pc coming out in THE SAME MONTH. This is coming out in a awkward time to buy new games but I'll be buying it at some time perhaps in a couple of months

  5. i've been waiting weeks for these reviews. i didn't want to buy a switch for just odyssey and botw.. this may be the game that finally gets me to cave. not that this is a system seller, but what finally makes me purchase the console.

  6. Traditionally gamers were too lazy to read reviews so they choose to skip to the score, now we all want to skip videos or look down in the comments to see a number? Numbers mean more than videogames now.

  7. I am all too pleasantly surprised by the end score. Definitely let the million to two million mark to reach before this year ends.

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