Dark Souls Exclusive Review

IGN gives its exclusive video review on the new game Dark Souls. From Software brings us another punishing role playing game in their Souls series. IGN’s …


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  1. Does it really matter what class you pick. And I am not sure should I pick dark soul 1 or just go for dark soul 3 ( but I have never played dark soul before )

  2. That moment when someone compares dark souls to monster hunter 6 years ago, but now people compare monster hunter world to dark souls. God damn, dark souls gets all the credit now n days.

  3. I still remember not knowing a thing about souls and seeing this review for the first time, Don't think I've ever wanted a game quicker

    *it was actually gamespots review, This review didn't do anything for me at the time weirdly enough

  4. i miss the days when dark souls was new
    oh the memories, the fear, the jolly cooperations… shame it's all gone now
    this game is extremely desolate on PC…

  5. Lol one more comment, to clarify, I give out a 9/10 for the game (in all aspects / game design / etc), but 4/10 on the Sen's Fortress particular stage. As I said, there is definitely an inbalance in difficulty and the element of surprise there, almost to the point of the game literarily trolling you.
    I am gonna buy a gameplay recording device for my ps3 in the future and I will record this particular stage gameplay and make a commentary-based video about it, to explain in detail my points for this. This is gonna be interesting haha… also not something I ever planned before. Phst. sigh

  6. And you know what, I would take the challenge of learning on my own and going through each stage and all, but judging the fact that the difficulty is so fucken rigged against the player in this particular game, I am gonna watch experts going through the fucken game and once I see everything, then I am gonna go play the game myself.

  7. If anyone ever wants to challenge my claims of considering Dark Souls a game with unfair game design / difficult settings, I will be more than happy to show you why I am right with recordings and everything!

  8. I am a fan of the Dark Souls series, truly. And After beating DS2 SCOTFS on my ps3, I decided to buy and play the first Dark Souls. After about 28 hrs in, I was like, wow, what a nice game, a walk in the park compared to DS2. But then I got to the Sen's Fortress stage. Now, the game warns you earlier that this is gonna be a challenge right? But then you actually get there and you realize that anything kills you, literarily…

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