Best VR Games 2017 – Top 5 Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Titles Coming Out

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  1. Dude i have to thank you so much, its really great that you explain everything in detail, especially the how to install stuff…. I hope you hit the 10000 subsriber mark soon.

  2. Around 50% of users get motion sickness (including myself #neverlucky). It would be disasterous, if games with some budget behind them, wouldnt take that into account.
    RE7 was developed for PS / PC and added VR as a bonus, so Im fine with it 🙂

  3. Still haven't seen a single must have VR title that would make me want to spend $950 (CAD) on the rift/touch setup. I bought a new computer and started picking up games on steam to get ready for it before the price skyrocketed on release. It's come down somewhat in price but until I can run around in a game like Star Citizen or Crysis 3 with full movement and head tracking with NO teleporting or "standstill behind cover" shooty gameplay… my wallet is sealed.

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