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PS Plus brings a few surprises this month, Destiny players think they’ve solved a long running mystery, and that Fortnite cube is getting interesting. PS Plus for …


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  1. Destiny was one of those titles that was a lot of fun at release then progressively got worse. The vault of glass was great. Then slowly got worse over the DLC and then Destiny 2. I don’t really play the PVP component so perhaps this part was improved. I’ve no idea if this new Destiny 2 dlc is worth checking out but my impressions of the base game mean I won’t bother. Just to many great titles between now and Xmas to play.

  2. I actually didn’t bother picking up Destiny 2 because I knew it would be an boarderline scam. I’ll probably download it just because it’s free but they can shove the DLC right up their dark sides.

  3. oh, gamecube was a masterpiece. And games… First two Prime games, Wind Waker, original version of incredible RE4, long-awaited Twilight Princess and many more. GameCube brings so many great memories and emotions. LOVE IT

  4. Just get the wii dude lmao.. no seriously the gc is nice for nostalgic purposes but the will can pretty much do everything the game cube can and better

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